Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Post-Op Banquet

Look at this! Such a cornucopia of epicurean bounty set before me to celebrate my exit from traction. A feast fit for a king and the most apt way to celebrate my new title of "Ex-Traction" man!

Someone's definitely taken a leak in this soup!

I did ask for a small portion. Looks  good, eh? How about a close-up?

There is meat in there... you can't deny it

Chocolate dairy dessert... it just doesn't look right, does it?


  1. Hi Ex-TM! WOW again! A chocolate pudding as we'd call it, and it came without custard: hooray. I guess the main course was another kind of pie? Well if it was tasty, it's o.k. - did you find it tasty? I should think though some salmon bagel or panino angel should be coming round soon, maybe your mother?? Best wishes! Barbara (Styria)

  2. I'm afraid it was all pretty disappointing, especially as it was the first thing I'd eaten today.

  3. Hmmm. I think I prefer the Pork Normande I had at lunchtime.

  4. Freakin Ada, what an awful first meal, what IS that? But, at least no toxic custard


  5. Bright color on the vegetables, good, but what's with the upholstery pattern on the potato topping?

    Congratulations on the freeing of your leg!

  6. Yeah, the vegetables look edible, but... well, the "meat" looks, you know... maggotty. (Did you eat it?)

  7. Congratulations - I shall now be calling you ET - what else?

    So happy to hear (fingers crossed) that all went well and just sorry that we couldn't arrange a better supper for you!

    Sleep tight and hopefully "chat" tomorrow.

    Best regards to you and Mrs ET xx

    Cats' Mother

    PS sorry but your pudding looks worse than the Sheba currently being approved of by my Chelsea Gang

    pps word verification "rophy" - somewhat apt?

  8. Ye gods, greasy looking cottage pie and peas !

    Is the chocolate pud one of those vitamin desserts E-TM ? It looks very much like Fortisip which father had, and hated, because they were very very sweet.

    I bet Mrs E-TM is pleased with todays results. Sleep well


  9. Definitely meat in there; however the topping appears to consist mainly of maggots. What WAS that? (Although were it maggots, of course, you'd be getting a decent shot of protein overall).

    I quite fancied the look of the carrots. Does this mean *I'm* getting institutionalised from reading your blog, or ought I maybe to sort out my dinner times during rehearsals?

    So glad the pin's pin-free!

    K x

  10. After all you've been through, were you expected to tear off the lid of your pudding? And did a previous commentperson call you Mark? Could this somehow be integrated into your new name? Suggestions?

  11. If you're Ex-Traction Man, does that make all of us Extractor Fans?

  12. Congratulations TM on having that pin out. How about a vote on a new name for you,similar to the one you ran for NHS chefs?
    Gen of OZ

  13. Ok, so where did they put the pin?? Just check that food you didnt eat. x

  14. If they are trying to kill you, why didn't they just do it while you were under the knife instead of persisting in their futile attempts to kill you with the meals?

    Great news about the leg...home for Xmas i hope!

  15. Mmmm,

    If I saw that when I came around I'd ask them to put me back under again!

  16. hmmm you might want skip the "meat", I mean you've just came back from OR and here they're serving brain! Someone is missing theirs.

    wohoo on being ETM!

    LK from Canada

  17. "If you're Ex-Traction Man, does that make all of us Extractor Fans?"

    LMAO!!!Nice one.

    Ex-TM I am so delighted for you. I thought you'd have a full length cast and you don't.

    Try asking the staff to help you lie on your side; they could get some foam padding so that your plastered thigh can be supported. Even just for a while :-)

    Out of bed soon! Wahheyyy!!

  18. Is there never any fresh vegetables in hospital??? That does look a bit ordinary.....mmm.....

    Hope Mrs TM snuck in a bottle of bubbles to celebrate!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!

  19. The name Traction Man still stands, as per dictionary

    traction: Med. the application of a steady pull on a limb, etc., using a system of weights and pulleys or splints (guess you know all the ins & outs of this particular definition!)

    traction: adhesive friction, as between a wheel of a motor vehicle and the road (in this case TM's legs on horizontal surface)

    Was it forethought or coincidence in your choice of name? ... the former? Thought so.

    You have quite a community gathered about you TM.

  20. Great news on the pin out ... does this mean you can comandeer a wheel chair to search for a local cafe ... sure hope so?

  21. Great to see you active again XTM. But are you sure that your "special recovery celebration meal" is not just a cunning way of them putting back in some of the stuff they removed during the operation? I'm particularly worried about the thing with meat in. That doesn't look at all right to me. Thank your lucky stars they didn't force you to have a large portion.

  22. Congrats on having the pin removed, though the celebratory meal looks more like purgatory lol. Continue making progress and Mrs Ex-TM will be able to take you home sooner... all the best xx

  23. Congrats on the op.The food was kinder on the eyes than the stomach it seems!

    I think EXiT suits you now(EX in Traction)and its also what you want to do.

    Hope daily life is better for you from now on and that sometime soon you get sent home.

    Im sure Mrs EXiT will bring you a better celebratory meal than the one the hospital provided!