Sunday, 29 November 2009

Real hospital food

Christine sent me this snap from a recent meal she was given when in hospital and says: "I was in hospital briefly on thursday for an endoscopy / colonoscopy (aka 'the spitroast') and was treated to jacket potato with salad, melon plate, and ice cream - it was excellent and even the tomatoes had flavour!"

I need more photos like this. In this instance I have a feeling the letters BMI... may have been involved.


  1. This does look like excellent hospital food. Not the norm sadly.

  2. My God. Melon? Salad with more than one colour? Ice cream? (THREE scoops??)

    It can be done. It takes awareness of the importance of diet in a patient's recovery.

  3. Which hospital would this be?

  4. Which hospital would this be?

    A private one!