Saturday, 14 November 2009

Good grief...

Blog reader Nurse Heather works in a ward some distance from the hospital's main kitchen so the food is thoughtfully transferred by van.By the time the food arrives it is quite cold enough for the patients to eat (presumably so they don't burn themselves) and the contents are suitably sloshed around in order to create confusion and ensure nothing can be identified and no one can be incriminated. I have to say this looks one of the worst examples I've seen. Come on the rest of you medics! Get snapping those meals that are a disgrace to the NHS. Let's shame them into doing the right thing. Anonymity guaranteed.


  1. That, in lack of a better term, looks like a plate of vomit after chugging cheap white wine all night in a dive Paris bar.

  2. Think ive puked up better over the last lotta years...... high disgusting urgghhhh

  3. I can't disagree with you. Perhaps we should instigate a monthly award for the most disgusting food photo sent in. Any good suggestion for what the award should be called? The Order of the Barf? Hurl of the Month? Come on! You can do better.

  4. This is the worst I have seen. It is all slopped over the edge! That is vile!

    A hospital I worked in served food like that. After taking away the wonderful food that was cooked in the other hspital and transferred to us and served by NURSES they introduced cook/chill stuff and 'trained' staff to serve it! This sort of thing was the result!


  5. What about the 'Chunder Challenge Cup'

  6. That is truly disgusting. Most of the people being fed this muck long term have no voice to complain. This is why it's great if you continue your blog. Hope you're having a good first day at home.

  7. I think I saw that in the back of my fridge the other day. I threw it out.
    I'm glad the food I had in Canadian hospitals was better than what you guys get, and it gets bad reviews. If only we knew it COULD be worst!

    LK Canada

  8. mmmmm how about "Chunder Chow Challenge"

    Mmmm or "Pavement Pizza Prize"


    Kat from Perth.

  9. lets just call it 'the X factor'

    glad you escaped, bet your recovery speeds up now your getting real, healthy food.

  10. Good God. Yes come on all you medics, nurses, ancillary staff, health care professionals. Snap and shame. This is truly dreadful.

  11. I'm determined to grow this blog so that it becomes a thorn in the government's side and an altar of shame for the NHS. Let's see if we can make changes. Spread the word and those of you who work in healthcare and who believe this is no longer acceptable in a modern NHS, help me to make the change. Here's to the most disgusting food shots you can find.

  12. I passed your blog to someone who will be looking at length of stay in hospital. I suggested to them that nutrition, or lack of it, plays a huge part in healing and therefore length of stay! So, your blog may be quoted!

    Hope you are managing to adjust to life on the 'outside'?

  13. I have followed this excellent blog daily and usually read it at this time of day (7.00 pm, just before dinner) - it is helping my diet enormously!!

    Only joking, but it would be interesting if the NHS prosecuted you and you got sent to prison for six months and did a similar blog from "inside" - I am led to believe that the food is far superior in "the nick".

    All the best,

    Dr Colin Key

  14. Prison and mental health hospitals have far higher food budgets. This is because their 'residents' are long term. It's time the NHS started looking after its long-term residents with the same sense of care. I think we can make a difference with the help of health workers on the inside.

  15. what, how can that be an NHS meal - it has sweetcorn not peas! I am so glad you are going to keep blogging. I guess that most MPs would go private and not have to sufer the inedible, nutritionless rubbish that most patients have to endure. Keep up the good work.

  16. Long term or short term, that is discrimitive to patients by judging the length of time spent in hospital.

    Everyone I know who has spent time in the hospitals in North Wales, be it a long or short stay, have all said the food is 5 star exellence. I have stayed in hospital in North Wales and must say the food was top of the range.

    I worked as a domestic in three hospitals in North Wales, the food there was excellent. my mother recently spent 2 weeks in Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor, North Wales. She said the meals there were out of this world.

    Moving to Margate where I moved to before moving to Crete. My husband was a hospital patient there for a few days, the meals were excellent.

    More ex patients should give their opinions here and add photo`s if they can.

  17. That's a really good point, Ness. As well as having an award for the worst hospital food, let's have one for the best too. If your hospital (work or patient) serves top-notch nosh, then send us a pic. Sticks AND carrots work well.

  18. This one is a regular visitor to the ward, making a return visit at least once a fortnight.

    The more adventurous amongst you may enjoy imagining the aroma.

    And those yellow things are not sweetcorn . . .

    Thanks for an excellent blog

    Nurse Heather