Thursday, 19 November 2009

Busy, busy, busy

It's been a busy day. First a trip to see the doctor to get all those boring things done followed by something I've been waiting ages for... a haircut. My favourite barber and good friend Sicilian Sam sorted out months of unruly growth and I almost look human again.

Back home and it's time to see the engineers fit the wood fire we ordered to keep me warm  during the days this winter. And now I'm writing this in front of the glowing fire and trying desperately hard not to fall asleep.

Tonight all that activity hit me but the fresh homemade pizza will help replace the energy.

Mrs TM makes the dough from scratch as well as the sauce

With a salad it's even tastier

I only had a sip of wine as I'm taking painkillers


  1. Hey, there's no place like home is there? So pleased to hear that all is well at TM Towers. The worst is surely over and the food is certainly better. Please keep blogging. Have told so many people about you.

  2. Great stuff, but remember that tomorrow you will feel quite tired. So don't be surprised by it.

    Love to you all

  3. Matilde from Sydney19 November 2009 at 21:23

    Now this is starting to make me feel very inadequate - Mrs TM makes the dough from scratch and the sauce? OMG, I will have to lift my game. My kids think a homemade pizza is where you put cheese and ready made sauce over a ready made base!

  4. This looks gorgeous. I haven't made pizza for a while but I make it all from scratch too. I cheat a bit as I use a bread machine to make my dough but I'm arthritic so that's my excuse. Mrs TM's cooking is inspiring me to make pizza soon.

    Enjoy your newfound freedom. I'm enjoying following how you're doing and the lovely food you're getting now.

  5. No other pizza compares with a homemade one! YUM!
    Just make sure you are not overdoing things! All this excitement after sooooo long!

    Enjoy the fire, if the cat lets you!

    As for the wine, well, you alone know how the combination of that and painkillers effects you!

  6. no woder your body and mind were traumatised by hospital food! are you sure you are not married to nigella or delia!

  7. I only had a token sip of wine just so Mrs TM didn't feel like she was drinking alone. I think she had the wine because the pizza dough didn't rise enough. The bases were declared inferior and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I retired to the sofa at that point. They tasted perfectly good to me.

  8. Note to Mrs TM...... The pizza looked fabulous, your food inspires me and after the torturous crap your hubby had to endure , I am sure cheese from a mouse trap would look and taste good compared to the NHS cuisine.

    Cottage pie tomrrow for us, my own recipie. We had haddock and chips tonight , batter was 6 ounces flour ( 5 heaped tablespoons to the non weighing cult ). Teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and mix with water to thickish consistency, put batter in fridge an hour or more before using.


  9. ahhhhhh , home sweet home , theres nothing like it is there ? something not to be taken for granted , so glad you and the mrs are doing so well . be extra nice to her or she can torture you with a nice custard covered hockey puck like what you enjoyed so much while in the hospital . :)


  10. Hey ET, SNAP, we had home made pizzas last night for dinner, Kosmos had black olive, peperoni, onion and cheese, I had, anchovie, papperoni, camsicum, chilly, black olives and cheese, was very delish. We make our dough in the bread maker, it has a dough setting. The Pizza sauce was tomato paste, garlic and italian herbs. Nothing like a good home made Pizza, although our local pizza shop (not a chain one) does a great pizza, but home made is cheaper.



  11. Congratulate Mrs TM, her pizza looks as good as mine. I make all from scratch as well. Good to see you are getting out and about and I look forward to your full recovery.