Thursday, 26 November 2009

Nice and simple

Delicious and easy


  1. Oooh! That looks yummy! Such a simple meal, yet so nutritious and delicious... My husband hates baked beans and isn't keen on jacket spuds either - so if he isn't around for dinner then this is what I treat myself to!! Amazing how the NHS couldn't even het htis right...

    Sounds like your physio went well - I know it must be really hard to keep positive, but you have done fantastically well and it's still a month until Christmas; I'm sure that at one point you were contemplating Christmas dinner a la NHS.

    Take care
    Vicki x.

  2. Nice one, you can`t beat the good ol spud or beans, simple and filling plus healthy.

    A good tip for people who suffer acid or wind after eating beans or pastry or eggs, a pinch of bicarbonate of soda mixed in the beans or scrambled egg, or ommlette , and in pastry when you make it, and you will never get acid or wind.


  3. i am surprised at your allowing another potatoe near your mouth so soon , but , bon appetite

    rhonda , usa

  4. I have a great recipe for Jazzed up Jacket Potato:

    Bake Potato for 3/4 of the normal time to cook them, then take them out of the oven, cut them down the middle leaving a thin web of skin down the bottom (you can also cut across to make 1/4) fill the gabs with finely chopped onion and grated Edam cheese :) return to oven for last 1/4 of time.

    They come out lovely and crisp, with gooey melted cheese and cooked onion... NOM NOM NOM :)

    The above can be done very quickly for a snack (under 10 minutes) if you nuke the potatoes instead of baking in oven :)

    I hope the physio went well today :) and that you are not in any pain.


    Kat from Perth.

  5. Try adding honey, chilli and coriander to the beans.
    There's no rule, just all in quantities according to taste.
    Keep right on with the recovery. :-)

  6. No no no!!!

    you must put the beans OVER the potatoe.


  7. I agree, beans over the potatoes, then you can make it a health meal as well as delicious because you don't need the cheese and the butter!

  8. After a night's sleep, where I dreamed of cities made of carbs, I think we may have to agree to disagree, TM, about eating at home. I can't remember when I last mixed a baked potato with baked beans - probably 40 years ago when I shared a flat in Earls Court - and in those days there wasn't much choice and certainly no M and S takeaways which as far as I'm concerned should not be thought of as a special treat but an occasional necessity. I worked late last night but still managed to do something quick with a chicken thigh, some asparagus and a slosh of wine. Served with a baked potato which had been par-baked then left to cool earlier this week with others and last night I sliced one - skin still on -and tossed the slices about in olive oil and fresh rosemary with a small sprinkle of seasalt. And no need for bicarb.

  9. Baked potatoes are easy. They can be put in the oven in the morning and then I only have to turn the power on without having to prepare or carry anything. That's the most frustrating thing about crutches... you must eat and drink where you prepare your food as it's impossible to carry. This is an easy supper and nutritious. Sometimes simple food is just what you need.

  10. Wow there's nothing quite like the crisp, well browned skin of a real jacket spud. Best bit of the whole potato!