Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hospital in edible food shock!

Regular readers will be used by now to seeing cook-chill factory food murdered by hospital cooks using regeneration trolleys. We’ve seen quiche with a crust that's thicker than roofing felt. I've sampled cold potatoes with all the flavour and allure of an old pair of trainers; while the vegetables have routinely been wetter than an otter's pocket. But tonight I sense someone is at last listening. The food may not be the tastiest 'fayre' in the world but the reheating process has been significantly improved. Please excuse the slightly moody art-house feel to the pictures, it must be the artist in me... or the shock.

Okay, so it’s a fairly tasteless leek and potato soup made from a packet mix. It won’t win any gastronomic awards but it's hot and adequate.

That cheese and onion quiche looks better cooked tonight. It's light and fluffy and the crust for once isn't as tough as a rhino's arse. The hash browns are hot and tasty and only the soggy veg let the side down. This is a big improvement on previous attempts and I'm eating the same as everyone else so it's not just a plate of hand-cooked hospital food especially prepared for me.

More of that roly poly and custard delight but this one is soft enough to eat without cracking your molars in two. How so? It's simply been reheated for the correct time and to the correct temperature before being served as soon as possible. It's not particularly tasty but there's nothing wrong with the cooking.

Remember that this is food that everyone in the hospital is eating. Somewhere in the hospital kitchen someone is making a concerted effort to raise the standards by not cremating the food. Let's hope this continues.


  1. (Psst Fellow Posters - TM's had sleep deprivation, a good lunch courtesy of Mrs TM so he's developing Stockholm syndrome again- )

  2. If you've been stuck in bed for 5 weeks, can I ask how you've managed to attend to, ahem, all your personal needs? And how much longer you'll be there? Not that I want you to stop blogging: have been loving it!

  3. Great news about your X ray results, bet you and Mrs T are chuffed to bits.

    Don't hold your breath with regard to the canteen, I think the chef was off entering Masterchef, he should be back tomorrow.

    Take care, looking forward to reading the papers online in the morning.


  4. @Alhi... that's a very direct question. I'm going to save that particular scenario for a post sometime over the next four weeks. I'm going for an x-ray again in three weeks and the surgeon will take a decision on whether to release me from my bondage or keep me trussed up a while longer. Definitely home for Christmas, though.

  5. Hot food? Hooray!

    *trumpets, klaxons, kazoos, drum rolls, and a kerboomTISH*

    Thank you HospitalKitchenPerson who made sure TM got a HOT MEAL tonight and made it EDIBLE. WELL DONE for not petrifying (literally) the roly poly thing.

    Definitely looks as though the blog has had a huge effect TM and your howling at the moon has been heard. Get some of those managers strapped in a bed for a few weeks unable to move and see how they like it!!

    Hooray! Toot toot! Huzzah! etc ...


  6. GOOD WORK TRACTION MAN , i believe your blog has made your life and the lives of the others around you just a lil more pleasent .but i bet as soon as you recover and leave it will go back the way it was .but in the mean time , keep blogging . it may be the only thing standing between you and starvation


  7. Evening TM

    Whooah - calm down - maybe too much excitement for one evening! One good supper (well good-ish) does not solve all problems but here's hoping you get a good night's sleep.


    Cats' Mother

  8. I suspect that the catering manager is in a panic having heard The Hairy Bikers are on their way.

  9. I didn't finish all that food as I was still full from the bagel at lunchtime, plus although it's looking better, the taste hasn't improved. That's harder to convey with a camera. Perhaps the usual chef took the night off.

  10. Hehe .. and so he or she might. One minute, meandering around in a backwater of the kitchens, idly scraping a carrot, or replacing a fuse in the microwave, the next minute pinned against the wall in the glare of a hundred media flash units. And THEN being dragged round the kitchens by the Hairy Bikers - or even by the collar.

    I shall await developments.

  11. TM ... you're losing it ...severe Stockholm. Just take another look at the photo of the insipid quiche. And the only difference with your pudding is the "custard" is over the top of it to soften it up. And you yourself say it doesn't taste any better, so even if you think it looks better what's the point?!?

  12. Help. I'm in crisis. They're messing with my mind. Shh... I can hear another black helicopter coming!

  13. Well, it looks better than most of the ordinary stuff you have shown us!

    Bring on the Bikers and get it made much better!

    Look after yourself. Now they know you know they can do it they will lull you in to a false sense of security and POUNCE! Don't turn your back!!!

    Take care Traction Man! Don't give up now!

  14. I am quite disappointed as I haven't seen any green jello yet. That is a staple in Canadian hospitals.

  15. My dear man, steal a quick glance at the bleeping, buzzing, machines by your bed. Are any of the lines flat? Maybe not as spiky as they once were?

    And even if you have to worry about black copters rest assured that you can protect yourself against alien abduction. People in traction just pique their alien curiosity no end. "what happens if we pull this cable here?" But you don't have to fret cause

    has all your anti alien abduction accessories for no cost. Yep no cost. Amazing isn't it?


  16. Phew! That's a relief. Now I've just got to sort out the little green men before I go to sleep.

  17. You haven't been wearing your tinfoil hat,have you?

  18. touch not the cat without a glove

  19. Ah, TM (tm), methinks you are being slowly seduced by the tasteless side. They wear you down, you know. (Why do you think Princess Leia carried spare bagels cunningly hidden in her hair?)

    All the best with your examination and imminent release.

  20. Hey Traction,
    Did you maybe poke yourself in the eye with the soup spoon - really hard?
    Or are you following the orange accusing finger of that scary carrot towards the Hash Brown of doom....
    Medication time perhaps, where's my nurse?!?!
    Thanks for the smiles, this was a lucky 'Stumble' for me.