Monday, 28 September 2009

Last day of voting

There's hardly any time left to vote for your choice of which TV chef should sort out the NHS catering service. I'm disappointed that my favourites, The Hairy Bikers, are not in the lead. I encourage you to start voting for them now before I send round an extra-large portion of Corned-beef Lattice Pie and peas.


  1. I'm even more disappointed that healthy vegetables-simple eating man Mr Nigel Slater hasn't got many votes and that Dreadful Delia - one of the worst things that happened to English cooking - appears to be winning.

  2. Then I suggest you encourage your friends to vote with a Facebook posting and an emailing campaign. Nigel can't win but the bikers still could. Tactical voting, Kirsten.

  3. I see what you mean about shit tv I tried to watch some tv this afternoon and felt like shooting myself.

  4. I think Saint Delia of the Mispronounced Ingredients (blessed be her Balsamic Vinegar - or Basalmic as she prefers it...) has a matronly quality that people associate with hospitals and thus her popularity in this poll. I'm stunned that as many as nine people have voted for Antony Worrall Thompson: what were they thinking?

  5. Have emailed Si and Dave. So listen out for the throbbing roar of two approaching bikers.

    And remember, as they say in Afghanistan: "It not the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes." Never let democracy spoil the right decision.

  6. Now on their Facebook fan club page. Let's go viral!

  7. for TM and Henry

    have you tried the finest afternoon comedy programme ever? 60 minute makeover.

    this may be the way the hospital re-heaters/servers approach their tasks - how many dishes can we xxxxx up in the shortest time possible?

    can't wait to see your evening offering TM


  8. @Peter Palladas - two can play at that game - now on Nigel Slater's fan club page as well. But PLEASE - no one tell Dreadful Delia's Deluded Disciples.

  9. I realise there is little time left, but I cannot find a real favourite from the choices offered.

    JO. Blue* it in Rotherham and has never recovered.

    HFW I never eat anything that I can't fit in my mouth and his name sticks in my throat as well.

    GR. I never eat anything that I know will make my blood boil.

    THB. The thought of them in nurses' uniform is what real nightmares are made of.

    AWT. Not an available option. My wife, who has met him, would ensure that I was in the bed next to yours, with all four limbs suspended and drips at both ends. At least I wouldn't have to eat the food.

    NL. In leathers astride a Bonneville, that's what real dreams are made of.

    NS. Who he.

    DS. The only "sensible"* choice. Discounting the poseurs who think that au jus is how you spell gravy, she really did teach some of the nation how to cook. Fortunately "sensible" is not one of my strong points.

    KF. Too busy sipping Ambrosia to be bothered. Anybody who thought of tinned maggots in milk is probably responsible for your food.

    If I can't vote for Elizabeth David, I know she was a writer rather than a cook but she leaves NL at the starting post, then it's none of the above.



  10. Keith Floyd is dead, but don't hold that against him.


  11. I know dear Keith has shuffled off but I still think he could give some of that factory food a run for it's money... even in his present condition.

  12. How much is a salmon and cream cheese bagel worth? And does your paypal link up there really work?

    I am trying to figure how much I need to donate to sponsor you for a week of salmon bagels in Aussie dollars and need to know what the bagels cost :)

    Unless you have a PO Box? I could post over snack tins of salmon Air Express?

  13. The Paypal link does work. I've had a few donations which have gone into the bagel and broadband fund. I reckon about A$20 gets a good slug of salmon but anything would be welcome, if only to keep the Internet going :-) thanks TM

  14. There's a late surge for Si and Dave!

    As of midday it is neck-and-neck with St. Delia of the Fens. A dead heat even.

    I can feel a Louis Hamilton moment coming on - last bend of the last lap and all that. The NHS is very nearly saved. :)