Thursday, 14 January 2010


Miracles do happen. My friend Dr Jane the GP called and heroically volunteered to drive me to the hospital in her 4x4. I can't tell you how relieved I was. We made the appointment with a minute to spare and it was straight off to x-ray and then in to see the consultant. Thankfully Jane was there to ask questions which was very handy as I always forget to or don't know what to ask.

The good news is that my leg is still mending. Technically it's still 'non union' but it's getting better. There's still some wobble in the fracture but we're making progress. The bad news is that I still need the cast for a bit longer but I can take it off at night. Even better, the consultant assured me that not only will the leg get better (eventually) but they may even be able to correct my leg length difference. I can't tell you how much that cheered me up. I really am feeling much more hopeful. There's a way to go yet and I know it's a year or so of hard work but I can see a tiny point of light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyway, a big thank you to Jane for stepping so heroically into the breach.


  1. Jane sounds a wonderful friend. That's good news XTM, keep up the good healing work and thanks to Mrs XTM for all her lovely wholesome food. Home is definitely the best place to be to get better. Keep focused on that tiny point of light and it will get bigger.


  2. glad its on the mend matey xxx

  3. I bet even the snow looks a bit better after a consultation like that. Keep going, steadily. Best wishes from a very wet and windy France

  4. woohoo! That is wonderful news and many thanks to Dr. Jane for being an angel with a 4X4 :o)

    Libby (our snow is melting due to a Chinook--8C!)

  5. How truly wonderful!!! I'm soo glad for you!!! Best wishes! Barbara (Styria)

  6. Fantastic news XTM, very pleased for you. The light at the end of anyone`s tunnel is never totally extinguished you know, hope keeps the tiny flame burning.

  7. that is really great news - and you really get to find out who your friends are at times like this :-)

  8. Great news, keep it up

  9. Great news about the appointment! All sounds very positive. Keep up the good work.

    Us 4x4 drivers do come in handy sometimes. Shame we get such bad press the rest of the year tho. Well done Dr Jane for helping out.

    Take care of that leg.

  10. Good afternoon ETM!

    Well - you do have a true friend in Doc Jane - hope you are getting her a good bottle of something yummy!!

    Good news for you, too - though a little slow, still steady progress!

    Best wishes to you and Mrs ETM and Mr Whisky for a fine weekend. (PS Chelsea Gang say don't forget the prawns on Prawn Friday).

    Best regards, Cats' Mother

    PS Idiot boss just left the building - "I'm on the mobile if anyone needs me" - duh - wouldn't have thought of calling him on mobile - thanks for hot tip! And now calm down ........

  11. Glad the leg is getting better XTM. Only just seen this latest post of yours......i would have come over in the Land Rover!!. If this snowy stuff returns and you need anything that needs a 4x4, you know where i am.


  12. Great news that your leg is healing. And no thanks to that ghastly NHS fare!!

  13. Chris of Melbourne17 January 2010 at 05:08

    Hi to the XTM's
    I've been incommunicado for a few days, down the coast, stuck up to the wheelchair axles on the beach - much laughter, I'm sore from it
    ( Me to family: See, I told you I should have given myself that 4 x 4 'tank' chair for Xmas. Family: shut up and keep digging )
    Good news from your place when I cranked up the PC, friends like your Dr are to be treasured and jealously guarded.

    Keep warm and keep laughing!
    Chris from Melbourne.

  14. All Hail the great Dr Jane, Saviour of the ET ;)

    I am glad that you were able to get to the hospital appointment. Glad that you are able to take the cast off at night. I know that there is nothing worse than a cast (esp when it gets itchy)

    I hope your leg hurries up and heals.

    Big HUGS from Sunny Perth WA (was 43°C today, looks like the same tomorrow :(



  15. Thanks, Kat (and everyone else), for your best wishes. I've been feeling a bit 'off colour' since the surgeons poked my leg. That's the reason for no posts. I'll try and pull myself together very soon.