Saturday, 2 January 2010

It's been a while

It's been a while since I posted a food photo so here goes. With a nod towards Lavengro in Spain I offer you Spanish Chicken and Stromboli - just to reassure any European readers that I'm fully house trained and thoroughly international in my outlook. However, it doesn't mean I have to love the EU's political institutions...

Bread from Italy

And spicy Spanish chicken


  1. I remember Spicy spanish chicken when I visited for Euro politics... they can have it... Get me out of it.. I'm British...honest

  2. Oooh, those Stromboli look delicious! (And I speak as one with a stomach full of glorious Vietnamese food) - did you make them yourself? (I admit I've never come across them before, had to look them up, and the Wiki picture looks nothing like that! Stared at them for a while at first thinking they were Yorkshire puddings...).

    Annoying, isn't it, that it appears to be frowned upon to mix Euroscepticism with a love of things European?

  3. Looks delish XTM. I have never tried Spanish food, but I think I will now.

    How`s the leg coming on by the way ?


  4. Chris of Melbourne3 January 2010 at 00:48

    Hi XTM's
    Food looks scrummy. Quick, I'm looking for a Tapas bar!

    (Heavily whispered aside)I saw something in the Independent about some secret shenanigans with the NHS food to the tune of a gazillion pounds, the article mentioned your good-self- see it?
    Hope all is well and progressing to plan
    Chris, Melbourne OZ