Saturday, 9 January 2010

Tonight's supper

Piri Piri Chicken, Portuguese rice and fresh vegetables. Why can't hospitals produce simple, nutritious and tasty food like this?


  1. Mmmmmm love Portuguese food :) We have a chain of stores here in Oz called Nando's (hmmm just found out they are worldwide and in the UK lol)

    I love their peri peri grilled chicken,I have hot peri peri sauce (the Very hot is a little to much)

    In Au they have just started doing paella :) Going to try that soon :)

    I do not eat out often, but when I do I like something special. Not some production line food (eg macdonalds etc)


    Kat from Perth.

  2. Chris of Melbourne10 January 2010 at 08:50

    Hi XTM!
    Well the Chicken part got me up and about.Your rice looks yummy also.
    With this weather, the appetite takes a bit of tempting so inclined to eat later when it's cooled down a little bit.
    I'm doing a house version of Chicken Cacciatore', chicken simmered in a tomato and eggplant ( aubergine )sauce flavoured with bay leaves, oregano, stock etc, cooked until the meat falls off the bone and the sauce thickens naturally, baked potato with sour cream and silver beet on the side. Usually quite tasty.

    Heading for 43c+ tomorrow here in Melbourne, hotter elsewhere in the state and South Australia, with a total fire ban and 'code red' fire warning for Northern Victoria.( that means leave ).

    For sure a cold food and drinks day.

    Hope all is well,
    Chris of Melbourne

  3. How is Portugese rice different to ordinary rice?

  4. Portuguese rice is boiled in a stock flavoured with a cube called a caldo de aroz. Rice is served with most main meals in northern Portugal. It's a slightly sticky rice. Delicious.

  5. I KNOW!!!
    When my husband's in the hospital, I drop by Whole Foods on the way to see him and buy him a nutritious, fabulous bunch of foods for dinner. (How do they expect anyone to get well eating hospital food?!?) ARRGH

  6. I would enjoy that. For me it all depends on the chef tonight. He is
    on the tractor mower at the moment and not a sign of a piece of fish
    or fresh meat anywhere.