Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A cause worthy of your support

The Tax Payers' Alliance has launched the Big Brother Watch campaign to fight back against the overbearing state and it's tendency to snoop and pry on the people who pay for its spying and eavesdropping. You can find out more about Big Brother Watch by clicking here. Definitely worth a visit. The campaign is also giving away free Big Brother Watch stickers which you can use to highlight your own examples of the state's abuse of power. You can send Big Brother Watch photos of the Big Brother state in action and they will post them on the website. A worthy cause in my humble opinion.


  1. The trouble with the TPA is that it appears to be a grass-roots organisation but, in reality, is nothing of the kind.
    "Astroturf" is the term that's often employed in such cases - http://bit.ly/649GbJ

  2. Indeed... But unlike most AstroTurf bodies it hasn't set up home in the government's rear end. Most AstroTurf outfits are government funded. Also, any organisation bringing attention to the surveillance state can't be all bad.

  3. CCTV has bought peace and quiet to my street and broken windows a rare event.
    I hope it stays.

  4. CCTV has it's uses but it's never enough for our rulers.