Thursday, 21 January 2010

Turning Japanese

My journey into town today was rewarded with an excellent lunch!


  1. What about that fish tapeworm now wriggling away in your gastrointestinal tract? Don't worry, the NHS will look after you!

  2. Oh cool ! Looks great !!

    My other half is in hospital now, but she hasn't been well enough to even see the food let alone photograph it. She has had 2 anaphylactic reactions in 2 days to different pain relief medications. Life threatening and Very Scary. She's one of your regular posters, GeekGirl from Perth. If she gets well enough to see the hospital food soon we'll take pics for you. Then we can all play guess the ingredient again... :)

  3. Please pass on my best wishes to Kat. Let's hope she feels better soon and can post some great hospital food shots.



  5. Hi all,

    Thanks ET :) I am home now (with EpiPen in hand) will not fix the problems, but gives the ambulance more time to get to me ;)

    The trip to hospital from home which would normally take 30 odd minutes was completed in under 12 (if having major difficulty breathing was not enough, the speeding ambulance certainly was nerve wrecking)

    I am under strict instructions to rest, so will be online for a fair while ;)

    I hope everyone is doing ok :)

    BTW although I have no "hospital food" images on the camera, I have a lot on my brain ;)

    The most memorable was the "Fish Pie" I had one piece, spat it out and gave up ;) The veggies were steamed, but were still edible with a slight crunch :). The steak pie had lots of chunks of meat, the Silverside was sliverside ;) the Deserts had a little custard, but it was a pale yellow, not hot, but I like it that way (the apple pie had real apple chunks with a nice sugary sauce.

    All in all the food was good for a public hospital, if I had to complain it was that there was not enough ;)


    Kat from Perth.


    Hi ETM
    An article for you from todays Daily Wail ;o)


  7. article from today's Guardian

  8. That meal looked very nice , but I would never eat anything raw after watching a programme here on Sushi.

    The many hospital cases after eating raw fish was frightening. One woman had to have her leg amputated as some micro germ from eating raw fish, from a very well known Japanese resteraunt in the USA, had made its way to her finger tips and left leg.

    I forget what the programme was called, but it showed fillets of mackrel, they peeled back a piece of the fish and these orange coloured worms were flitting about, these get into the intestinal tract , latch on and breed in the human body.

    The contents of the woman`s stomach were pumped out. They found that she had 12 deadly germs .... all found in what she had to eat at the resteraunt the night before.

    She developed ulcers on her arms and right leg, her buttox had the ulcers as well, the right leg was in a hell of a state.

    Be carefull eating sushi XTM, makes me wonder if you had the same as this poor woman and I only wish I took note of the title of the docu . As we are in Crete here , we have mostly Arab satellite programmes,I am almost certain it was on Kuwait 2 , or KTV2 it was shown.

  9. That's sounds dreadful, Ness. I suppose I could have got my bug from sushi. I did eat some raw fish before I got ill. My daughter ate it too and was ok but I suppose it's possible. Maybe I'll think twice before eating sushi again.


    Is it OK to eat sushi when I'm pregnant?

    OK so you are not pregnant, but the rest applies ;o) I was going to ask ages ago how you came to have the infection ...

    "It's fine to eat sushi, and other dishes made with raw fish, when you're pregnant as long as the fish used to make it has been frozen first. This is because occasionally fish contains small worms called parasites, which could make you ill. Freezing kills the worms and makes raw fish safe to eat.

    Sushi sold in shops or restaurants, whether it's ready-made or made in the shop, should be fine to eat. This is because the raw fish the shop uses to make sushi must have been frozen at minus 20°C for at least 24 hours.

    If you make your own sushi at home, freeze the fish for at least 24 hours before using it.

    Some raw fish used to make sushi, such as smoked salmon, doesn't need to be frozen before it's used. This is because smoking kills any worms in the fish. Other methods, such as salting or pickling, are also used to make raw foods safe to eat".


  11. Thanks, Lansdowner. You've put my mind at rest. I was on the verge of giving up sushi which is unthinkable. Phew!

  12. ETM you could also google 'Michael Winner' though to see the problems he had after eating oysters :(


  13. Yes... I read about Mr Winner's horrible experience. He too had 11 operations and nearly lost his leg. I know the name of the streptococcus that got me and I'm not sure it's found in fish. Still don't know where mine came from.