Friday, 29 January 2010

Blow me down

Motorist Michael Mancini, a furniture restorer from Prestwick, Ayrshire, has been fined £60 and given three penalty points on his driving licence for the heinous crime of blowing his nose while stuck in a traffic jam.

Michael was stationary, in neutral with his handbrake applied when he used a tissue to wipe his nose. Stuart Gray, a local policeman, zealot and trainee Nazi, approached Michael and issued a fixed penalty ticket for £60 on the pretext that Michael was not in control of his vehicle. Clearly, with his handbrake applied and the vehicle being stationary, I would argue he was in control of his van. However, the procurator fiscal decided otherwise and the case was pursued.

Incidentally, PC Gray is known locally as “shiny buttons” for his particularly zealous attitude to his work. He once earned notoriety for doling out a £50 fine to Stewart Smith, another Ayr man, who dropped a £10 note from his back pocket. Mr Smith was charged with littering.

Michael is going to fight the case although under the ridiculous Napoleonic Scottish legal system he probably won’t be able to claim any costs. Perhaps we should all chip in with a donation in order to fight this stupidity. As for PC Gray, I suggest he be suspended pending a full medical report as the man is clearly not the ticket… fixed penalty or otherwise.

Frankly, I’m not surprised at this story. My own daughter had her expensive camera confiscated by an idiot Scottish policeman and is still waiting for it to be returned six months later. I know some very nice Scottish people but this really does their country no credit. Not content with dominating the cabinet and generally screwing up the nation’s finances with their perverse policies, the Scots appear now to be losing the plot completely.


  1. A McJobsworth!

    My Mother thinks it is wrong that there should be any Scots in 'our' Parliament as 'we can't have a say in theirs'. Sounds reasonable to me sitting here in the Land Downunder.

  2. I'll chip in. Silly policeman. Once was stopped by policeman here in Sussex for having too much in my car. Mind you, was going to dump, and had three children in there with every Square Inch of car crammed with bags, old carpets and Detritus. Policeman said to me... do you realise that the view out of the back of the car is blocked?
    I didn't bother telling him that my view out of any window in the car was blocked. Including the front one.

  3. Ha! Thought of you when I read this in the paper this morning ETM. Clearly no intelligence test for coppers there.

  4. This has been in the news up here for the last few days!
    What an idiot policeman! Imagine fining someone for dropping a tenner out their pocket! What are his bosses thinking about?

    I have heard of cases in the past where people have been fined for applying make up etc whilst sat in traffic but for blowing one's nose????? Would it be preferable if the poor man sneezed and lost control of his car as has happened in the past? A colleague of mine did this and didn't survive!

    Please don't pportray all Scots as total idiots tho. Most of us are just as dumbfounded at this situation as everyone else!

    As for parliament, well, I am saying nothing! Really! You English came to us Scots and WANTED us to share our king and our parliament so, you have to live with the consequences now.

  5. I wouldn't portray all Scots as idiots or my Scottish friends would kill me. And as for the Act of Union... You're quite right. I am in favour of Scottish independence though. It seems entirely sensible to me.

  6. I was trully amazed at reading the story, what people don`t realise is that the tax payers money is going to be wasted on this case going to court. I hope the judge will throw the case out and fine the copper and make him pay all the court costs.

    I remember reading a few years ago that some jobsworth council inspector, followed a pensioner when he was picking up street litter, he then put the litter in a carrier bag and placed the rubbish in a litter bin attatched to a post. He got fined for fly tipping..!!!!

  7. Said copper needs a psychiatric assessment - he is clearly suffering from some kind of mental health issue. You just could not make this one up, really. I wonder what his colleagues think of him

  8. When I drove a car years ago, I found a ticket on my windscreen for parking in a one way street for more than three hours. Which is fine... no problem... if it wasn't for the car behind me! On the ticket, it said it was for a Toyota Celica sedan (I owned a liftback. The different is that a sedan has 5 doors; a liftback has 3 and the latter is classed as a sports car). And the only thing that was the same was license plate. I refused to pay the ticket; but was told by the police department that I had to - even though the cop got the wrong type of car, they got the plate right! So, I was $30 out of pocket for the wrong car, right problem and the stupid cop got away with it.

    But in this instance, the cop needs to have a good look at why people blow their noses... did he expect the guy to let his nose run while he was driving; or better still while the car was sitting perfectly still and make him look like a 2 year old with a cold?

  9. If yiou have hayfever and sneeze powerfully over and over -life can be rather exciting if you are driving at the same time.
    I never though of the police as a complication though.

  10. Clearly, this cop is no Mensa candidate. Never met one that was. But this guy is spectacularly anal. I suspect a mental health issue. Perhaps limiting his activities to "driving a desk" would bring about the required attitude adjustment at least until his psych assessment.With his track record, sounds like he's a danger to himself,in that job.

  11. this cop is a disgrace to his uniform looks to me that the more nicks you get the more pats on your back? or is this man of the human race, what a block head.