Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sushi sunday

Today I ventured to Bristol for an impromptu Sunday lunch and my first taste of proper sushi in more than a year. I had forgotten how much I love raw fish and sticky rice. I know it's not everyone's cup of green tea but if you do like sushi, and find yourself anywhere near Bristol, give O Bento in Baldwin Street a try.


The octopus was a bit chewy!

They serve Sapporo beer too!


  1. These look great. I have only tasted sushi and other raw fish dishes twice but I loved them. Yum! Afraid Bristol is rather a long way to go for it though - being in Scotland.

    Great that you're getting out a bit.

  2. my hubby loves sashimi & sushi, here in Calgary we have numerous places but would love to pop by Bristol's Baldwin St. to have a nibble. I prefer California rolls...they have fake crab & avocado in the centre. I'll eat anything with shrimp though.

    I've been most impressed with the quality of the photos you take...are they really with your phone?

    So glad you're out and about. Bristol sounds like a coastal city but I've just looked it up and it isn't. Too bad, sea air is so revitalizing.

    Scritches to Whiskey,

    Libby in Canada

  3. mmmm Sushi :)

    My Favourite place is Jaws Sushi Bar in Perth

    This one has the Sushi train, but be warned, I went there for lunch while in hospital (RPH is only ~1Km walk) and I managed to get through au$70 worth of Sushi, it is not expensive, but when you have had nothing but slops and need somthing decent, you can go over board ;)

    Sushi is great for us with all the omega3's etc. I love the stuff so much I make them at home :)


    Kat from Perth... Where's the WASABI :)

  4. Right! I'm coming round to your place, Kat, for some sushi. Not too keen on wasabi but I'll go some pickled ginger and plenty of soy sauce.

    Libby: I use a little Fujifilm S1000fd camera but I own up to having trained as a photographer before switching to journalism. I write about photography too.

  5. haven't been able to join in for a while and am a bit out of step with your progress but so, so pleased that you are able to get out to lunch - keep it up!



  6. Sapporo doesn't seem to taste the same after they started brewing it in Canada - and doing away with that cool can where the entire top was a ring pull lid. Used to love the stuff. Over it now.

  7. Traction Man said...

    Right! I'm coming round to your place, Kat, for some sushi. Not too keen on wasabi but I'll go some pickled ginger and plenty of soy sauce.

    Mate you are more than welcome any time :) Seriously if you are ever in Perth (Au), you are welcome to come over with your lovely wife and I will make Sushi :)

    Always have plenty of Wasabi, Soy and pickled ginger on hand, I can not eat the pickled ginger due to a ginger allergy, but Kos likes it :)

    I make it all the time, usually 18 rolls at a time (144 pieces), and then have it for all meals till it goes ;) yes I am a Sushi Addict ;)


    Kat from Perth.

  8. I love sushi! I lived in California for 20 years and that was a weekly meal, if not daily sometimes! There is nothing better than good fresh sushi. That makes me crave some good sushi!

    Tara |