Monday, 11 January 2010

Self-defence is no defence

Rousseau defined The Social Contract as a situation where the people of a nation give up some rights to a government or other authority in order to receive or maintain social order through the rule of law. In other words, we all agree not to beat the crap out of wrongdoers so long as the police enforce the law and keep us safe from the criminal classes.

It’s a fine idea in principle as long as the police actually enforce the law. Unfortunately, the law has become increasingly one-sided these days. An excellent example of this is the story reported in many of this morning’s newspapers, involving one Myleene Klass, a well-known ‘model’ and former girl band member.

Last Friday, Ms Klass was at home doing the washing up when she spied two teenage toerags in her garden attempting to break into her garden shed. She screamed with fright and then had the presence of mind to wave a knife at the miscreants who then promptly ran off, no doubt worried at their posthumous reputation should they find themselves unfortunate enough to be filleted by such a slip of a young woman.

Ms Klass immediate summoned the local police who, no doubt spurred on by the thought of an encounter with the fragrant Ms Klass, managed to prise themselves away from their warm canteen to attend the scene of the incident.

Alas, rather than trying to track down the wrongdoers, the police became exercised when Ms Klass told them that she had managed to frighten off the intruders by waving her kitchen knife at them. This, she was told, was inadvisable as she could be charged with carrying an offensive weapon. Apparently it is illegal to brandish any kind of weapon in self-defence, even within the confines of one’s own home. No doubt Ms Klass escaped being ‘banged up’ by the rozzers on account of her being pretty and famous; had she been an ugly middle-aged male, like myself, she probably would have found herself down ‘the nick’ being fingerprinted, DNA swabbed followed by a cooling-off session in the cells.

For those unlucky enough not to live in the upside down and topsy-turvy society we’ve created in the UK, such a scenario must sound totally alien and a little bit bonkers. However, it’s not so difficult to understand when you realise that the UK is not governed ‘by the people and for the people’ but is in fact ruled by a tiny clique of Oxbridge educated lawyers and other assorted layabouts who have absolutely no interest in doing anything that the public wants. They’re far too busy fiddling their expenses and pushing their own weird agendas to take any notice of what we might want or to ensure that The Social Contract is properly enforced.

Perhaps it’s time we took a leaf out of France’s book and got ourselves some guillotines. There’s nothing like the threat of cold sharp steel to concentrate the mind of a politician.


  1. The Plod who turned up does not know the law which is not unusual for our modern politically hijacked Police.
    Carrying an Offensive Weapon only pertains if it is carried in a public place. They must have been thinking of some other law that would cover the issue, but anyone Police Officer of any sense would have said to the fragrant Klass, ” Well done for defending yourself and your property and we will pop along asap and catch the two toe rags and afterwards come back for a cup of tea and an autograph.”
    But we live in a country after enduring 12 years of Labour ruination of our country and pro offender laws which, means the ordinary law abiding person is stuffed and left with the vestiges of a once great and no messing Police Service that would have seen a Hare and Hound like chase of the two s**** who would have then been treated to a good talking too from Mr Truncheon for good measure.

  2. Agree to the above.

    Any person who takes from his home or place of abode any instrument intended, adapted, constructed or used (?) to cause injury or damage (?) is guilty of an offence.

    Not sure of the EXACT wording after 30 years, but "Takes from his home..." is the relevant part.

    As far as I remember "Or cause people to fear such" only applies to assault.

  3. AND, as a foot note. Is that a photo of said woman?

    If so she is the SPIT image of one that used to be on breakfast T.V if I recall. Model became T.V presenter.

    Any one remember who I mean???

    Can not remember the name myself. But it goes to show, they are all just clones.

  4. Good afternoon all!

    What a ridiculous situation - I am sure that the story is perhaps not all as it seems (or would indeed hope that the madness has not completely taken over the country). Whatever one thinks (or does not think) of Miss Mylene, she also has a small child to think of and it is completely natural that she would defend said infant.

    The lunatics are indeed taking over the asylum.

    This weekend, we have had an imposter in the garden and also dared to come through the cat flap - another black cat (in addition to my three monsters) - there is now a "high alert" situation in Chelsea - my boy has taken control of security whilst the girls are taking a more relaxed approach - they are thinking that the other cat might be a) a boy b) rich and famous or c) they are being a little slutty (not according to their Dad however).

    Best wishes to all - how goes ETM?? Seem to remember that the 14th Jan was a key leg date??

    Regards, Cats' Mother

  5. Yes, she should have walked into her garden and politely handed over the keys to the shed - and to her house as well, why not?
    Well done Myleene.

  6. I'm actually ashamed to call myself british these days.

    Gordon the moron and tony bliar have destroyed this country much more than the germans did in WW2.

    We have no rights what so ever, gypsies buy a field, lay 1000 tons of hardcore and tarmac, lay water pipes etc. what happens? nothing.

    YOU put up a new fence, it's 6 inches too high and the council will take you to court and demand it's removal, and get you to pay their costs...

    Villans of all types have more rights than their victims, it's time to take back our country from these slimey gits who see fit to steal from the people who they claim they serve.

    there is only one party i see as deserving of my vote at the next election. and it isn't one of the main 3.

  7. If i catch any miscreant in my house/garden upto no good then i will attend to the situation with the handy cricket bat i keep by my bed....and if said bat accidently comes into contact with said scrotes knee/head/other bits of body, then so be it......

    A few years ago a building was broken into down south. There was photographic evidence of who did it, fibres from the alleged intruders jacket and it was well known who it was. Did the cops/CPS prosecute....did they hell. By all accounts there was 'not enough evidence to prosecute......"


  8. Where I lived years ago there were burglaries golore. 2 good cop friends of mine told me "If you ever see anyone on your property, in or outside the house, beat the crap out of them, then beat yourself on the arms or legs and say that the intruders did it so you belted them in self defence".

    I also had a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog at the time so they also said " put beware of large dog signs on your gate and one on the front porch, set the dog on them and point out to the officer enquireing that you have the signs up warning intruders".

  9. good on you mylene, of course you should be able to defend your home and family - I believe she has a baby. And if you can't brandish a knife in your kitchen, then when can you?? This country has gone absolutely mad. If you don't want to have a knife waved at you, don't tresapass on other people's property

  10. Surely we should
    Take time
    And wait to see who is
    Breaking in.
    Then call for
    Hospital treatment if
    Everything else fails.
    Curiously, it could be
    Unusual visitors (police, fire, amb)
    Trying to
    Save you.
    but I would not hold out too much hope,
    Brian, snowbound in Lincs.

  11. BTW TM, you said involving "one Mylene Klass", please dont tell me there is more than "one",
    excellent, Brian.

  12. Chris of Melbourne12 January 2010 at 08:42

    @ Brian 5.34

    You naughty boy,you!

    I was thinking is the effect of being snowbound the equivalent of our going troppo over here?

    Quite a few posts back I was gently chided by the vicar's wife for living in the 'burbs here,
    but on the stabbing front, in the next street a week back or so one of the inhabitants of a place didn't take too kindly to being asked to lower the volume on the household sound system when asked politely, so stabbed the askee and killed him in the process.
    As a result, every other vehicle down the streets around here in the late evening and the wee hours is a patrol car. Won't last but at least we will still remember what they look like.

    Melbourne, having had a few hot days sweltered through the hottest night in 108 years last night: over 35c at midnight and dropped to 32c at 6am. With our strange weather patterns
    ( not new in case there are eco nutters reading ) this afternoon brought a cold change from the south at 4pm, now 19c and a few bearable days temp wise to come. Still major alert for fires though.

    Hope all is well otherwise,
    Chris from Melbourne.

  13. One of my good friends in America used to talk about her grandmother who shot an intruder in their house in Colorado in the '60s. The intruder had visited twice before, the second time he had tied up the family (the mother and three small girls) before ransacking the house around them. The police did not prosecute, partly because of the area of town she lived in, partly because there "wasn't enough evidence." By all accounts they hardly even tried to find him. She was forced to take the law into her own hands to protect her family from it happening again so she went and purchased a handgun which she then used when the intruder struck again. Of course, in America (so unlike here) she had the law on her side as far as defending your own property and yourself goes, but she had to live with that burden on her heart for the rest of her life. She went to the mans funeral but she could never forgive herself. Whos to blame?