Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Earthquake Appeal

A group of bloggers has set up a website to raise money for the Haitian earthquake appeal. If you would like to donate some money towards the humanitarian efforts underway in the Caribbean then please visit the Bloggers for Haiti website and make your contribution to save lives and provide much-needed assistance.


  1. Things like this disaster can put our concerns and problems into perspective.

    Apparently Haiti lacks infrastructure to help support all the aid coming in or even have their own disaster response protocol in place. I wonder if it is possible to create a country that has those necessary pieces during the rebuilding while avoiding the "1984" Big Brother mentality? Or at the very least reduce the corners that our countries have created/painted themselves into.

    Tip of the hat for posting this XTM.

  2. The good thing about the Shelterbox boxes is that they are practical. Several hundred will be leaving Cornwall at 1.00 am and will be in Haiti ten hours later.