Sunday, 23 May 2010

With this minestrone you are really spoiling us!

I've made better but generally not a bad bowl of soup. I'm beginning to get worried about this. Could the hospital have drafted in an elite squad of chefs?

Er no... forget that. Here we are back at the wallpaper paste pasta with sluiced broccoli and bitter peppers with the occasional crusty bit of cheese thrown in. Obviously this one slipped under the radar.


  1. Well XTM, all I can say is consider yourself fortunate! You got this all for 'free'! As all the offspring were in auditions at various times today, hubby and I took offspring 1 to lunch! Well, we thought it was a nice thing to do! We ordered and paid for it as is the way in these chain restaurants. If I had seen the table next to us send their food back before we ordered we would have gone elsewhere! It was awful!!!

    Offspring had Pasta Carbonara and is still looking for the ham! We had roast beef and yorkie pudding! Well, if they hadn't told us that is what it was I would never have known!

    All that AND we had to pay for the priviledge! LOL! It was the worst meal I have paid for! The NHS isn't the only place who are getting it wrong! At least I can vote with my feet and choose never to eat there again.

    I wish you good luck surviving the onslaught of meal times!

    Recover well!

  2. You got CHEESE in a pasta with cheese sauce dish? I'm going to complain. I NEVER got visible cheese. Are you sure you haven't gone private?

    Seriously - how are you doing? Hope you're not in a lot of pain and that things are going well


  3. Good to know you're on the mend now. And even better that you can actually identify some of the food they're serving you... even if you can mortar walls with the pasta... hehe...

    Hoping you're out of there soon and back home to proper food that doesn't look like it's been through a few wars. :P (I wouldn't touch soup that looks like pee when it says it's pea).

  4. Chris in Melbourne24 May 2010 at 11:17

    Hi XTM.
    Hope things are progressing OK for you.
    You mentioned your Hb count on the previous post, we apparently use a different measurement system, when I tried to convert it I got some daft answer. ml/litres, pints to gallons? Presumably will be under control.( My curiosity is because my number 2 ailment is a blood one so Hb and the Ferritin tests are part of my regime, wobbling about all over the place ).

    Indulging myself in the last couple of days, I lashed out and got a fancy new monitor for the PC
    Like every new toy, the novelty will wear off, but in the meantime it brings to life, in giant proportions, the pictures out of the online news and blogs. In HD vivid ( and I use the word advisedly )living colour. Thus the picture from your blog of the minestrone is amazing. The picture of the Pasta thingo is amazing. If you get my drift.

    From cliche land: 'you are what you eat', which explains why I don't look in the mirror in the mornings.

    Your riding instructions for today - proceed to the front and keep improving.