Monday, 24 May 2010

It didn't start off well

In cooking, poor presentation can destroy even the tastiest dish. Still, you can't go wrong with a baked potato with cheese and butter, can you?

Oh dear, not quite what I had in mind but then I spied the tempting little tubs of low-fat, non-dairy spread. I also found a plastic cup of factory shredded cheese. Difficult to say what cheese it was. The menu said "cheddar" but quite how you turn fresh milk into something more garish that a Liberal Democrat poster remains a mystery to me.

It tasted okay but nothing like baked potato with butter and cheese. I won't mention the carrot and coriander soup I chose for starters... you've been punished enough.


  1. Was the cheese or soup more orange? Hope you don't have to suffer too many more meals in there!

  2. microwaved jacket potatos are no substitute for an oven baked one! That cheese looks very strange. I thought you had been rumbled over the past few meals, but obviously the only decent chef has left the building tonight...get well soon, Mr XTM