Monday, 24 May 2010

Standards remain good

Okay, so it does have peas in it, but this chicken casserole with white wine and rice was actually very tasty. I'm getting worried now... I've got to get a really bad meal or else no one is going to want to visit the blog.

Apricot crumble was a bit tart (not sure how a crumble can be a tart but there you are) and even the custard was less obnoxious than usual. Someone is clearly trying hard.


  1. Sarah - London24 May 2010 at 14:41

    Afternoon ETM

    Glad to hear that all went well and you are now able to resume food comments - yep, indeed, if all you can complain about is lack of sugar in your crumble then you will soon be "billy-no-mates" on this site!

    Just teasing ....

    Best wishes Cats' Mother

  2. It is great that the food is edible this admission! It even LOOKS better than last time! Do you think the 'chefs' have been reading your blog?

    May you continue to have edible food!

  3. I spotted immediately that there is something wrong with the peas - they look edible! Assumed it was chicken curry as it had rice with it.
    Glad you are starting to recover and will soon be walking with a spring in your step instead of a limp.

  4. Chris in Melbourne24 May 2010 at 18:22

    Actually it's interesting to see and hear about the meals that look and taste decent enough so that you want to eat them. I probably missed this earlier, but is this the same Hospital that you were in before?
    Hope all else is stable and you are 'mending',
    PS I see a 'Bank Holiday' is coming up. The term is something that I don't quite understand, but I was in the UK a few years ago,cooling heels in Chichester around this time, and caught the May Day one, replete with Morris dancers.Great day!

  5. That meal looked half decent indeed! If you start enjoying anything that looks revolting and we suspect Stockholm Syndrome, then we'll be there toute suite to rescue you :)


  6. XTM..... This is worrying me. The standards of food are better... and actually look appetising, now this has got to stop, as you never know, some spy knows you are in there and they have hired a bogus chef just to pull the wool over your eyes.

    When the beef `coq au vin ` or fillet of beef gets served, then really worry, grab what you can and scarper.

    Apart from the encased turd with what looks like cheddar cheese on it, all the other cullinary delights looked very good.

    Get well soon for gawds sake, I feel a conspiracy forming......