Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Hospital food doesn't get much worse

Tam sends me this disgusting shot from her recent stay in hospital. She had very specific nutritional needs and it seems the hospital just couldn't rise to the occasion. Fortunately Tam had a husband to hand to bring her some iron-rich treats or else she would have been in serious trouble.


  1. This is the problem of not having kitchens and proper staff on site. As soon as someone has specific dietary needs it is impossible to get a decent meal. (ok, arguably an impossibility anyway!)

    My daughter had a stay in an out patient clinic a few years ago for allergy testing. The only thing the kitchen could supply for her was some very soggy, unpleasant chips! Nothing else! She is not unusual. She has Coeliac disease so not exactly rare! She was 4 years old at the time. Not exactly conforming to their own policies regarding Healthy Eating!!! LOL!

    That potato (stone/rock?) looks truly inedible and served like that in a sea of beans it just makes one wonder what on earth was going through the mind of the person serving that up.

  2. Chris in Melbourne12 May 2010 at 13:18

    Yum? Probably yeccchhh!
    If that's the whole serve a bit miserable with the beans.
    Actually I spent today in The Medical Day Unit in one of the City Hospitals for my ( about ) monthly treatment. It's a fairly early start leaving home around 6.30 and I keep on forgetting the camera for a luncheon shot contribution, Aussie style.
    I'm not sure what today's offering was meant to be-regurgitated something. Lunch? Errr..No,just sandwiches and a cuppa will be fine thanks.

    BTW, thats a beautiful puddy tat picture on the earlier post.

    Keep well,
    Chris in Melbourne ( OZ not Florida )

  3. He's a handsome fellow, Chris.

  4. Oh how disgusting is that, and must have cost at least 10p per serving, is not filling and they should be ashamed at serving such crap.


  5. The "NHS" and stripes on the plate is a nice touch. That, apparently, is where the money goes. Be afraid, TM!

  6. 70 baked beans....counting and connecting the half beans, and the tomato sauce, which is full of preservatives etc, and a spud that looks like a split aneamic turd, weighing about 2 ounces.....



  7. Dude! What a disgrace that is! If I lived closer, I'd be visiting you (and your friends in hospital) with nice hot stir-fries and pasta bakes to put that hospital's kitchen to shame... all vegetarian and all very filling. :D

  8. The only iron in that would be if they had used a skewer and left it in.

    See this from the BBC site:
    Use of local food boosts hospital funds

    Love to Whisky,


  9. Sarah - London13 May 2010 at 12:29

    Hi ETM

    The Chelsea Gang send their best wishes to Whisky - they know, too, and act accordingly when they see the suitcases etc etc. In support of Whisky, they have decided when unanimously that their favourite brand of Felix is now declared as poison!

    What's with the beans in the picture - they look watered down??? Yeuch.

    Anyway, keep strong and positive and try to get as many nutrients inside you before the big day.

    Best wishes - Cats' Mother

  10. Many years ago I used to work in a pig farm to earn a little extra.... now looking at this mess from the NHS...I'm afraid to say I would not even consider feeding it to pigs...they are used to much better quality.

  11. ohh forgot to say best wishes for your next endurance test... hope all goes well.

  12. I had the chips once. They were crinkly and WET. Not fat, water. Ugh. I got a cottage cheese salad once which consisted of one piece of iceberg lettuce, one tomato, halved, a piece of cucumber and half a dinner sized plate of cottage cheese. My goodness I was bored.

    Hope the food's better this time ExTM

  13. The quality of hospital food varies enormously. Years ago, I was rushed in to hospital to have a few bits remove parts of my body that has cancer riddled through them. After the op I can honestly say that the food was great and I have forever loved green beans because of my stay in hospital.
    I needed Chemo at another part of the hospital on another site and there the food was truly awful. I know I was being sick a great deal but one afternoon they presented me with a cream looking mess on a plate that looked and tasted as if they had emptied my vomit bowl onto the plate.
    A bit of sage advice here, if anyone is going through the terrors of Chemo and you need to fill your tummy with food just so you can feel better for a while, eat a MacDonald hamburger..It tastes nice going down and just as nice when it comes up and it is easy on the gullet!.

  14. Sorry for the typos in that post. Fat fingers and the need for stronger reading glasses.