Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Whisky is wondering

Whisky is behaving a little oddly at the moment. He always knows when I'm about to go off and starts getting very clingy and affectionate. I wish he could come too but I'm guessing pets won't be allowed on the ward. Shame...


  1. Cats are very psychic, and I swear they are mind readers, mine is anyway, you have a very beautiful cat , mind you I think all cats are beautiful creatures.

    My cat Jonesy refuses to eat cat food, he used to love the tray cat food and hates tinned food, now he will only eat dog food with lots of jelly in it, plus sits by the fridge for his daily portion of cheddar cheese, and only the Kerrygold make, then he waits for his dollop of Philidelphia cheese.

    He loves the odd tin of sardines in olive oil, and loves baked beans,very odd cat indeed..!!


  2. hopefully you will not be away form whiskey for too long, and the separation will be worthwhile

  3. When I used to help out at my local hospice they had two resident cats - Dex and Morph - who had the run of the place. They always knew when someone was low (or occasionally actually dying) and would sit as close as they could and not be moved, even for food. Get the Mrs to sneak Whiskey in for a good cuddle every now and then. Cats cant be any more of a danger to well-being than hospital food!
    Good luck with the op by the way.

  4. It might be much asking if they have a pet program for patients.
    Yes, cats (and dogs) seem to know when someone is ill. Our Persian (Alice) snuggled with me a couple of weeks ago while I suffered through my first (and hopefully last) migraine. She was kind enough to sleep at my feet instead of at my head (face) where she usually puts herself.
    Good luck and may 'the force' be with your surgeon!