Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New chef?

Mushroom soup isn't my favourite but this one was perfectly adequate.

The vegetables may have been waterlogged but the Lancashire hotpot was very tasty.

Well, two out of three isn't bad!


  1. Are you sure that was Lancashire hot pot ? There is no gravy supposed to be in real Lancashire hot pot, and there looks like the potatoes have gravy on them. The recipie uses stock and not gravy, but it looks delish anyway and I am very curious as to what the recipie is now.

    Getting worried here, as the quality of the food is far better than it was when you were last hospitalised..!!


  2. What was for dessert? Strange looking thing.

    As long as it was mainly edible it is an improvement on last admission.

    How are you healing?

  3. That's ice cream! My incision is a bit sore, swollen, itchy and hot but I suppose that's normal. No abnormal cultures back yet from microbiology.

  4. That doesn't look half bad. Well, maybe one-third bad... Chef must have had a minor flashback, training cut in for a day or so.

    All the abnormal cultures seem to be in the kitchen. All the best, TM.

  5. That certainly looks better TM! I wonder about the portion size as I would not be able to eat three courses so I guess servings are small?

    Fingers crossed for getting released on Friday.