Thursday, 27 May 2010

To conclude

I've been here a week now and since my last stay in November I have to say the quality of the food is more consistent and slightly better. The recipes could be a bit more imaginative and ingredients more local and fresher.
Tonight's Scotch broth was tasty but strangely contained not a single shred of lamb in it. No doubt a cost-saving exercise but scrag end of lamb is not expensive and would have transformed this soup and made it more nourishing.
This cheese and tomato sandwich doesn't look too bad but the use of an extremely low-grade, non-dairy spread spoils the bread which itself is nothing special and certainly not local. The tomatoes were good but the amount of cheese in the sandwich is so small it's nutritional value is negligible.
At least the sandwich was better filled than previous examples I've been served but as a main course choice it is a bit pathetic. That said, I'm pleasantly surprised that there has been an improvement since my last stay when I fear I thoroughly embarrassed the hospital's management board. It's a small step but I really think change is on the way and the importance of the message of good nutrition in hospital food is finally getting through.


  1. It certainly looks like they are trying a bit harder.

  2. The word is obviously out that you're back. I don't think you should be at all apologetic for embarrassing the hospital's management board. They should be ashamed of serving such awful food, especially to ill people. Not everyone is as articulate as you are, so I'm sure all hospital patients will be grateful to you for saying what they have thought. If you've forced the incompetent slime to make some improvements then well done!

  3. Hi there XTM - haven't visited in a long time and very sad to see you back in hospital. Thought this article from Oz might be of interest.

    You take good care of yourself

  4. Very poor standards if the soup and sandwitch were the main meal, makes you wonder if the elderly and infirm get the same food.