Thursday, 13 May 2010

We're getting somewhere


  1. That is absolutely great news all round.

  2. Makes you wonder why it isn't already an accepted standard.

  3. If they start cooking I mean actually cooking its a good way to increase revenue and more visitors may eat in the 'canteen' and subsidise further the nutrition of the patients. Even more so with the emergence of centralised specialist care, visitors have to travel and may be grateful for a peaceful corner with tasty food to replenish their batteries but the journey home.

  4. Good point about the food in the canteen being better! If only! I stay in with my son when he is ill and the quality on offer, not to mention the cost, means that I usually survive on some toast made on the ward and a sandwich from the newsagent! Good quality food available would make life so much better.
    Makes me wish I still had QMC as my local hospital! If QMC and the City hospital can do this there is no excuse for it not happening in other places.

  5. Great news.... but... the problem now is to find cattering managers that can actualy cook.... and thats the problem... most are used to being fed utter rubbish at Mcdonnalds or KFC... so they think its ok to dish the rubbish they dish out.. they have no taste, together with the inability to cook results in the absolute garbage that is not even fit enough for pigs to eat.
    hope your hospital stay is a short but satisfying one TM.

  6. I'm wondering if they'll wheel out the à la carte menu for me in order to keep me quiet. I seriously hope I'm not there long enough to worry about the food. A week is easier to bear than ten weeks. We shall see.

  7. Well, I sincerely hope that it's a sign your NHS mission will be accomplished quite soon and that that should mean your leg ought to heal even more quickly, shouldn't it. Oh, well, of course it also should without NHS kitchen reforms, but it would be a nice thing for you to become able to be a bit proud of a NHS kitchen reform, too, wouldn't it.
    Best wishes from Barbara in Styria

  8. Sarah - London20 May 2010 at 09:42

    Dear ETM

    All the best to you for tomorrow and also sending best regards to Mrs ETM and Whisky, too.

    Many purrs from the Chelsea Gang and hope to hear from you very soon with good news on "de leg".

    All the best, Cats'Mother