Monday, 14 December 2009

The tree is up

I can't take any credit but for those who love the Christmas spirit here's a snap of the Christmas tree that Mrs XTM has hauled in from the forest and decorated with baubles and fairy lights. Not sure who that old bear with the glasses is supposed to be...


  1. sleigh bells ring are ye listening..... im sure it all looks very cosy there esp with your log fire/stove.

    Happy Christmas TM and Mrs TM and family. I hope next year is a better one for you.

  2. Afternoon ETM!

    What a fine cat your Whisky is; he knows his master and his duties therein! Need Whisky's help to deal with my unruly mob - Tommy yesterday jumped on the kitchen table on top of a load of christmas cookies over which I had just drizzled white chocolate - the resultant mess was quite impressive!! Black cat with white choc paws running around, husband chasing him .......... Yo ho ho!

    Hope all is going well with you all today!

    Regards, Cats' Mother

  3. The bear is rather fetching. Hope you and Mrs TM have a great Christmas when it comes.

  4. hmmm a warm cat and a flickering fire with a decorated tree close Dickensonish. I love it.

    Take care and may your Christmas be bright and joyous. Just having you home must be wonderful for Mrs. XTM and the bears (assuming that is what the red stripped one is) is a crowning touch.

    Sarah-black hairs on the white chocolate too? ewww so nummy eh?

    Libby from frigid Alberta (-32C right now brrrr)

  5. better than an NHS offering. When I was a student nurse, a fellow student friend of mine was working on a gynae ward and was given the job of decorating the tree. She couldn't understand why she got into trouble for abandoning the usual decorations and using sanitary towels and tampons instead. I think Mrs ex TM has done a really lovely job...

  6. Mmmmm. Keep an eye out for Mr Stripey next to the bear, he looks shifty to me..!!

    Maybe we could have a Christmas tree competition here, everyone puts in a pic of their Christmas tree and we vote the best, or first, second and third best .

    I am undecided about putting the tree up this year, it never feels Christmassy here ( Crete) and as there are only three people living on our mountain it is not worth it.

    If you google earth Foddele bay, Rethymno/Iraklion road, there is a garage to the right of the bay, to the left is the Foddele Beach Hotel complex, the mountain I live on is under development , 20 new houses. Google have not updated the area since 1999 so the mountain overlooking Foddele bay is just a mountain, but you will see what a beautiful place it is.

    Anyone needing a break here... next door is a rented house full mod con`s and swimming pool etc. So if you need a holiday here let me know XTM.


  7. Lovely!
    I love a real tree. I hope you have a wonderful, healing Christmas and nothing but good things in 2010. We are hoping that we don't have an emergency admission to hospital this year with an offspring. For him, and the rest of us, to be healthy this year will be enough for me!

    Mrs XTM is a multi talented lady!

  8. Very talented. I've just renewed her contract for another year :-)

  9. We just got our tree up and put the lights on. We're now wondering whether to bother with decorations or go for the minimalistic look?