Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas feast

I wonder what they’re having in the hospital


  1. Now this looks awesomely nice!! Did you get your special shoes for Christmas? Drop me a line in case you need some fancy shoelaces! Greetings from Styria! Barbara

  2. Aren't those Brussels sprouts????? Hope that is someone else's plate! Merry Christmas and all the best to you :)

  3. Merry Christmas to ET and family :)

    Looks great :)

    I had a birthday lunch (yeah Christmas baby) of English muffin halves, with fried ham (off the one we cooked) poached eggs and hollandaise sauce :)

    Then for dinner I had Ham (this was baked with Roses Lime marmalade, sweet chilli sauce, fresh chillies and fresh lime slices) turkey, home made potato salad and home made Greek salad. Followed by a baked Lemon Cheesecake :)

    Was ohhh so yummy :) Thanks to Kosmos for all the hard work :)


    Kat from Perth.

  4. A big merry xmas to you and your family XTM..looks like Mrs XTM has done it again and made a bloody delicious dinner!!

    Our fresh oysters and prawns followed by some lovely roast pork and trimmings was delicious....not so my dessert disaster - meant to be a fudgy sort of flourless chocolate cake....a better description would be chocolate sludge - it simply oozed all over the bench when i took it out of the pan!! Never mind - some toasted pannetone, icecream and raspberries saved the day (not that anyone noticed by that time I think...the champagne helped enormously!!).

    Hoping that the new year brings you lots of health and happiness XTM.

    Mich from Perth

  5. The sprouts are there for good luck but they will be recycled into the bubble and squeak!

  6. that looks very nice - my hubby cooked aturkey dinner for the first time ever and made a great job too. As for those incarcerated in the NHS, I reckon they had cook kill reconstituted turkey, peas, boiled to death sprouts and rock hard roasties, poor so and sos, then again I might be wrong - they may have had the sense to get a relative to bring in a takeaway!!

  7. Don't forget the over-microwaved-crusty-at-the-edges Christmas pudding drowned in runny custard, I bet that is as compulsory as the peas...

  8. I bet whatever it was didn't look or taste like your Christmas dinner.

    Shred and stir-fry sprouts with thinly sliced onion and lardons in a little olive oil, add a dash or two of riesling and those much maligned sprouts are a positive delight! Honest.

  9. Your dinner looked almost as good as ours! LOL!
    Unfortunately I will be able to update how food in the adult side of our local hospital is as my MIL had to be admitted yesterday! Honest, it was nothing to do with my cooking!
    So glad you have had Christmas at home with Mrs XTM! May there be many more Christmases at home to come.

  10. When I was in traction in 1974 our Xmas lunch was brought to the ward on ahot trolley by the chef. He actually had a turkey which he carved before us. Also I had my 19th birthday in hospital and the chef made me a birthday cake! Those were the days for good hospital food - I can still take the poached egg, spinach and smoked haddock breakfasts..... slurp

  11. Weeks ago, I was searching for blogs about hospital beds (you see, the company I work for sells them). Ever since then, I find myself coming back again-and-again.

    I mean, who knew a blog about bland, tasteless hospital food would be so intriguing?

    I've been hooked ever since and I find that reading this blog is a guilty pleasure I must partake in ;)

    So congrats on getting out of that hospital bed and good luck in 2010! I'll definietly be coming back to check in.

  12. A very Merry and Warm Holiday to you and the Mrs!

  13. Sorry I missed Xmas... Hic... Hic... but Have a great and prosperous new year, but most of all get better.Pete

  14. I notice there are sprouts on your plate, I thought you weren't a fan?!