Sunday, 20 December 2009

Elf and Safety

I was going to treat you to another of my diatribes on the subject of the ruination of Christmas by the Elf ’n’ Safety brigade who are rapidly turning our world into a joyless place but someone has beaten me to it. So rather than reinvent the wheel I commend the following article to you...

How health and safety is killing Christmas


  1. I just read your link and it was terribly depressing. Wishing you a truly dangerous Christmas. I plan on having one and suspect I may come through it unscathed as in previous years. I may even eat unlabelled food cooked by a non relative and stand beside a real Christmas tree...

  2. Good grief! How very sad! I don't fathom it. Greetings to Whisky and may his free and justly undomable cat spirit spread X-masness anew. How are your leg and rib? Best wishes from Styria! Barbara

  3. Do you know what annoya me about this politically correct, litigious, bureaucratic society?

    I keep trying to write a sci-fi novel about the future as a satire and then things like this appear in the newspaper and steal all my plots.

    very frustrating LOL

  4. Have a Risky Christmas... thats what I say. x

  5. I hope you and Mrs. XTM have a wonderfull Christmas and you leg and ribs are better.

  6. You have to take these almost daily health and safety rants in the Telegraph and the Mail with a huge pinch of salt. They are both happy to distort stories and print known myths to further their "health and safety gone mad" agenda. One of my faves was when an "office bans tinsel so as not to offend minority cultures" story turned out to be "one piece of tinsel removed from office front desk because it got in the way".

    Looks like they have a book about it to flog too - ker-ching!

  7. sorry i'm a bit late to this one.

    It seems that most of us agree that this h&s thing is insanity born from a misguided knee jerk help.

    I'm old enough to use my own judgement to either ignore or accept this madness, our children however are not.

    Children learn by playing,they learn that falling off a wall and scraping your elbow hurts, so they become more carefull later.

    By wrapping children in cotton wool you dull down their learning experience.

    what can we do to fight this? it's going on largely because we are not resisting it, so how do we resist?

    also, the current culture of fear is having a terrible impact on peoples thoughts, and people are what they think. Law of attraction.

    Every day on the way to work iam confronted by the most horrific advertising campaign advising me that every unlicensed taxi driver will rape me and ruin my life.

    So it is no longer safe to accept a lift - you will be raped.

    i gave a lift to a rather ditressed looking lady a few momnths ago, i drove her the 30 minutes to her home and strangely, i did not once consider raping hernor did i feel that she was about to rape me.

    yes there are bad people our there, but niot everywhere and simply avoiding everything and anything that might possiby have a sharp edge or question sexual tendancies is giving into them. Locking yourself away from life.

    With the sheer volume of Tax, National insurance that is taken from us each month i should think that better resources can be provided to our crime fighters.

    The public liabilty system / no win no fee crap is simply unacceptable since it lends itself to this absurd situation.

    I would like to see a return of common sense in these matters before the next generation loose the chance to develop their own common sense thanks to this incredibly short sighted system of removing any and every opertunity to be sued for negligence.