Sunday, 13 December 2009

Cat therapy

Whisky's working really hard to heal that bone. He does this a lot but it's still taking time. Unfortunately the bone is diverting calcium from the rest of me so my teeth are suffering and I think I just cracked a weakened rib. Time to get the calcium tablets and multivitamins out.


  1. Lots of calcium tablets, milk and cheese, and dark green leafy vegetables. A diet with plenty of those helped me immensely when I had to regrow a lot of damaged bone.

    Keep Whisky on the job, he's doing fine.

  2. Keep up the good work, Whisky (what a handsome furry fellow he looks in that photo!). Sorry about the rib - ouch!

  3. Yes, do all that you can to keep your teeth--extra calcium any which way you can.

    Do you have a good dentist?

  4. Don't forget to get an adequate amount of Vitamin D. My husband just went through a horrible time with severe vitamin D deficiency which leached the calcium out of his bones and deposited it elsewhere in joints and such. Horribly painful. It being winter and indoors much of the time you are most likely not getting sufficent vit D from the sun - one of the few sources of it. You need D for calcium to absorb properly too. After watching my husband go through it, I make sure and take a vit D capsule daily along with my other supplements.

    Your kitty is so cute and doing such a good job, I hope you're giving her a treat now and then. (I'm sure you are)

  5. Hi, three cheers for Whisky! For he's a jolly good fellow, ...!!! Get well soon, XTM! Best wishes from Barbara (Styria)

  6. poor you - don't forget to get a bit of sunshine too. Are you going to be screened for osteoporosis risk? How did you manage to crack a rib??? keep smiling...xx

  7. I was bending over while sitting down and trying to pick something up. The metal stiffener on my brace was pressing on a rib and I just leaned to far. My bones must be fragile. I've had two teeth crumble too. It must be a calcium deficiency. :-( This year doesn't get any better.

  8. Soon be 2010! Just keep smiling :)

  9. Cant help but wonder how much better off your teeth/bone and overall calcium lvls would be now if you had had better food over your long hospital stay.

  10. I asked to speak to a nutritionist in hospital but they sent a dietician. She asked me to keep a food diary which was never looked at. I was prescribed Ensure supplements. Nutrition in hospital is awful. It's time doctors treated the whole person and acknowledged the importance of a good diet.

  11. Daily calcium requirement is 700mg.The equivelent is eating 3 slices of cheddar cheese and two glasses of milk for example.

    Foods that contain oxalic acid, such as spinach and rhubarb, can also prevent the absorption of calcium.

    Eat milk and dairy products, tinned sardines with bones, green keafy veg, sesame seeds... role in health .. Builds bones and teeth and keeps them strong, vital to nerve transmission, blood clotting and muscle functions.
    Symptoms of deficiency..... Muscle weakness, back pain, soft and brittle bones, fractures and ostaeoporosis.

    The above was taken from the excellent book... Foods That Harm Foods That Heal, by Readers Digest.

    Calcium.... Major Sources.... Milk , cheese,yoghurt,bread,greens,almond,sesame seed, shellfish... Taken from the book.... Eat Better Live Better, by Readers Digest.

    Hope the above info helps TM.Also only cook with olive oil.

    If you need and healthy recipes I have millions of them.... Also ,, avoid fizzy drinks.


  12. Cat therapy the best therapy there is.

    About minerals, take calcium and magnesium in a 2:1 relationship. They work together. Adding some silica is a good idea to.

    As someone already pointed out vitamin D3 is really important. You probably need at least 5000 IU to begin with. Read more about vitamin D3 here:

  13. I must say that the old Greek recipes are the best for a healthy way of life, sadly they are all now rejecting the old mediterranian good food for fast food .

    I make a spinach, feta and onion pie, it is packed with goodness.


  14. Chris from Melbourne13 December 2009 at 23:24

    For the attention of: Mr W.XTM
    Dear Mr Whisky,
    O cat, I thought I saw a puddy tat,I did, I did! I thought I saw a puddy tat a creepin' up on me! Oh! It's Skizziks the Burmese, from next door, come over to give me further practice and instruction on feline induced neck warming. I mentioned to him the other day that you were treating a patient, but he said to me I already know that, I saw it on the cat-web. ( Hey! A talking cat- wonder if he needs a manager )Apparently the success rate is high with this radical new treatment, with commendation from the customary peer review. So keep up the good work.
    For XTM, there's heap's of advice for Vitamin D and Calcium, from the sublime to the cor-blimey, in food and supplements. I can empathise with Anon. whose husband had the problem of calcium going to the joints and the pain.In my case both the calcium and the Vitamin D disappear altogether leaving me confined most of the time to my selection of wheelchairs ( one of my young relatives,in the relative safety of calling long distance from another country, refers to the chair(s) as 'your spaz chariot').
    My rheumatology specialist scoffs at the use of calcium supplements like 'Caltrate' saying you might as well eat blackboard chalk. So I guess the Jury is still out on that question. For me, nothing shows on a conventional X ray but on an MRI stress fractures appear in all the load bearing joints particularly, and down the vertebrae.I take a substantial dose of a Vitamin D supplement and also a phosphate
    (effervescent)tablet in hysterical volumes which apparently keeps some signs of the two offending things in my system whilst the medicos are looking,looking for a solution. Requires careful monitoring though, as does the use of Calcium supplements because you can get a toxic effect from too much of them, which sort of spoils the longer term objective. Some of the recommended food here , Liver (yechhh),Sockeye Salmon, eggs with emphasis on the yolks, plenty of normal milk and so on.
    The Sun you have to be careful of in this part of the world because of the UV, just finding the balance 'tween a good exposure and sunburn or worse is the trick. Looking at the forecast in Pomerania, it sounds pretty cold at present and do you get much Sun over these months?
    Apart from his medical prowess, Whisky looks well in control of the situation, exuding calm and comfort.

    Keep well all,Hope you are keeping sane in the buildup to Christmas,
    Chris from Melbourne

  15. Ya ssas Ness!
    Your pie is like spanakopita? With the filo pastry? Yum.

  16. hello , sorry i have been away for awhile , went to alaska to see my daughter who is leaving for afghanastan .

    anyway , glad to hear you are mending in some ways and sad about the other , try to keep your morals up , i gorget who siad it but , laughter is the best medicine , and i agree with ness about the fizzy drinks , they are horrible for weak teeth . ask any dentist and they will tell you the same . highly acidic drinks dont help either .

    are you getting around town any better ? hope so .

    enjoy your holidays dear , and tell the mrs i said hello and God Bless her

  17. Ya sass anonymous 14th Dec... Ti canis ... calla ?

    I love the wholesome Greek recipes, especially Spanachi pie. Funny that us Brits living in Crete have adopted the Greek healthy food and the Crete people have turned to the MuckDonalds and other franchises that supply unhealthy food.

    Fava, made from yellow lentils with a sprinkling of spring onions on top, Chickpeas, I never knew chick peas were so tasty, Stafido.. ( type of beef stew with tomatoes )to die for.

    XTM, get to eating Greek recipes and you will be very healthy, easy to cook and wholesome.


  18. Bring it on! I love Greek food. Feta, chickpeas and olives and I'm in heaven. Not so keen on Greek wine, though.

  19. To Ness: Kalispera...Ime kala!
    Your desription of these recipes make me salivate. Stafido! Fava! Also I love one dish that I have momentarily forgotten the name of made with aubergine and tomato.Beautiful. As you say, wholesome stuff.