Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Back soon

Sorry for the dearth of posts... I've been enjoying Christmas. Back later today. XTM


  1. the cheek of you...enjoying yourself? My God...what's the world coming to? Next thing we know Shane Warne will be declaring he's celibate.

    ENJOY!! have fun...make merry...eat more pate and caviar...have another glass of champagne...kick back and do nothing but enjoy the company of good friends!


  2. Bugger! The arrival of Mr Mrs XTM at our modest home this evening has been ruined by the lack of appreciation of the sprout. Not only is this a vital ingredient of Boxing Day bubble and squeak, but forms the centrepiece of tonight's dessert, namely Sprout Roulade. I am now having to head to Marks and Spencer to seek an alternative pudd. Some people!

  3. Yea, pleased to hear you are enjoying Christmas XTM. Just popped in to say there was an item on GMTV this morning about hospital food, I didn't see the complete report but saw a plate of those round green canon balls with something covered in breadcrumbs and potatoes. I think the caption on screen said Good food for all campaign.

    All the best

  4. The gall of some people! Enjoying yourself? tut tut.

    You must be recovering really nicely and that is wonderful.

    Cheers! from Calgary

    Libby [only -9C now :o)]