Monday, 11 June 2012


I still can't bear to look at this image of what was called a 'bacon chop'. It certainly should have been for the chop but this was seriously served as a piece of protein during my ten-week hospital stay. It flies in the face of all the nutrition advice that the NHS propaganda machine pumps out. I doubt if anyone audits the quality of the meals, as the people doing the auditing don't have to eat this crap. If this food was fed to the hospital management it would be changed immediately. Many hospitals do serve good food, but it's normally in the staff canteen. This tells us much about the NHS.


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    Eeew! I hate eating raw meat, even if it's sushi. That bacon looks raw to me, I feel for you man.

  2. Looks like the scrapings and chisellings from an orthpaedic operation to me. I wonder if the kitchens are anywhere near the path lab. Haha .. I THINK I'm joking.

    Having a rummage through your posts after landing on your most recent one.

  3. OMG! Maybe this is what they do with the ones that dont make it? "Bacon chops" I dont know - does that mean its bacon or its a chop?