Monday, 18 June 2012

More mush

I simply couldn't resist sharing this culinary delight with you. This came straight after a four-hour operation. If anything could push recovery into reverse gear, this plate of food could do it. So much hospital food is just mush without texture and now, thanks to healthy eating guidelines, flavour. With lower salt, sugar and fat guidelines, most hospital food now tastes even worse than it looks. Sick people need tailored nutrition and high-quality ingredients. Your car wouldn't function if you put unfiltered chip fat or whale oil in its petrol tank... the human body isn't any different.


  1. It LOOKS like a four hour operation without anaesthesia. That, presumably, is supposed to be some kind of pastry tucked in there. At least there's - maybe - a level dessertspoonful of veg, but it's had the life boiled out of it. Soggy broccoli .. MMM MMmmMMmmmm

    Urrghh. I can practically smell it. Rancid meat and sweat. Yuk.

  2. Hey TM - welcome back!

    As for the culinary delight, sorry that one of the cats escaped and honked on your plate - eeeuuughg!

    Glad to hear that you are improving (minus ironmongery).

    Best wishes, Cats' Mother

  3. ...but look! There's recognisable brocolli in the background!

    I'm joking. Bet it smells of dog food.

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  5. Hi there Mr T,

    DELIGHTED to hear you are back on form. Having triumphed through another stint at the bedded institution. In my opinion it takes some cahoonas to go through all that and come out the other end. Some of those facilities give me the bone chillers. Where is Patch Adams when you need him... And a decent meal to recover.

    It is baffling why so many hospital units continue to serve the most awful inedible gloop to those most nutritionally in need. That old chestnut - lack of funds just doesn't cut the mustard. When so much is creamed off in bureaucracy and profit. Your example of the 'out of hours' sandwich in a PFI unit. I've heard it described as Alice in wonderland economics. Unfortunately this rabbit hole has no sides. It's a wormhole. It is a done deal with the devil and it stinks!

    Martha is awesome isn't she. Bright inspirational and authentic. All that highlights the shadow in institution.
    People power is the game changer to the rot we are fed. The tricky part is getting people to realize how collectively powerful they are. Otherwise it's hell and handcart.

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  7. Reminds me of the slops I was given when hospitalised with seriously bad morning sickness (before it was recognised or made popular as an illness of royalty). Only the slops I had didn't have any veggies in it at all or the delightful pastry and instead of broccoli was service with overcooked white rice, boiled til it was akin to wallpaper paste. Needless to say, I didn't feel too queasy for long as very soon there was nothing left inside.

  8. JUst has a thought after I posted my comment (no.8): It also reminds me of the very thoughtful and nutritionally balanced meal that my ailing father was served on his first night as an inpatient after having had a coronary (which was later followed up by a quadruple bypass) a few days later. Oh and I forgot to mention that when filling out his forms he DID inform the hospital that he is a strict vegetarian !

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  10. I've worked in the NHS since I left college and perhaps I am making a comment previously expressed, but the food went downhill when it stopped being in-house. When the catering staff were NHS employees and not a private firm it was excellent, all freshly made. The government stopped this because it meant paying the staff well, giving them sick pay etc, and these companies treat both their staff and food so badly.

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