Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sandwich scandal

Whoever put this little delight together clearly had an NVQ Level 2 in Spread Technology but had obviously flunked their NVQ Level 1 on Stuffings. This is the sort of rubbish that's supposed to nourish one very sick person for at least one of their daily meals during a hospital stay. The even bigger scandal is that these pathetic snacks when ordered 'out of hours' if, say, a patient misses a meal while being x-rayed or operated on, can cost up to £35 in a PFI hospital. That's what you call earning a crust.


  1. I opened this post and honestly, lost my appetite. Gag. Is it tomato & shaved (one slice) ham?
    At first look I thought the red tomato was a jelly on congealed something with yellow tomato imprint.

    Duke of E. received this? I think not. (it would though, be worthy of a royal hissy fit).

  2. You're absolutely right, Libby. That sandwich is nothing more than a contractual obligation. The caterer is given a contract to provide a certain number of meals each day. That sandwich is the minimum they can get away with. There's no love or care involved at all. The hospital ought to be sued for even serving such an inadequate meal. If they served half doses of prescribed medicines they'd be in serious trouble. For longer stay patients, that sandwich is as dangerous as an incorrect drug dosage.

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