Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Dish of the Day

This was one of the meals served up during my most recent stay in hospital. I don't have words to describe it, unfortunately.


  1. Isn't that what was covering the metal (scar tissue) in your leg?

    I know! A baked potato & omelet. Not a really balanced meal by any stretch of the imagination. Something you throw together when the pantry is low or personal energy is low, not premeditated.

    Sorry you had to endure it. I'm glad you're home to real food.

    I remembered what it was that I thought you'd roll your eyes over. Some British dude wants it to be illegal for doctors to discuss weight issues with obese patients...not allow them to use the word "fat". They would have to get permission to do so (to talk about the weight, not call them fat). Gee the doctors would only have to send them to the hospital for a while and presto! obese no longer! Malnourished, but not fat! (Being from the other end of the spectrum I want "skinny" & "scrawny" included-equal rights and all).

  2. Oh dear God, you poor bastard, I wouldn't serve that to my dog.

    1. My dog wouldn't eat it !!!


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    You poor thing. That's a sorry excuse for a food. Nobody in their right mind would eat that.

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