Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A force to be reckoned with

There are times when I pick up a newspaper and read of an incident that makes me wonder if I haven’t been transported to some parallel universe where the bad guys always win and the dice is loaded against decency. One such incident is a story concerning a carjacking and a police bill for £150.

Sarah MacDonald-Lee was dropping off a package when her car was stolen and driven off at high-speed with her daughter still in the back. The poor women stared helplessly as the carjacker sped away with her three-year-old daughter still strapped into her car seat.

Sarah raised the alarm immediately and within 20 minutes the police had located the abandoned car with Sophie stood next to it. The Nottinghamshire Police Force then towed the car away for forensic examination.

The next thing Sarah heard about the incident was a letter from Plod demanding £150 if she wanted to get her car back because it had been 'abandoned'. It also warned her that she could be charged £20-a-day storage. Once again, the innocent get clobbered while the guilty go free.

However, what really disgusts me is the statement from the faceless police spokesman who claimed the force had a policy requiring owners to pay when abandoned vehicles were recovered from the roadside. The spokesman added: ‘These matters are set down in legislation.’

That statement has the same oily property as the classic wartime expression: “I was only following orders”. And if I hear the word ‘policy’ once more I’m going to scream. Since when were policies set in tablets of stone? Whatever happened to common sense and compassion? Is everyone working in the public sector a complete moron? Private business wouldn’t do this to a customer for fear of the backlash from bad publicity, but the public sector, which is supposed to be on our side, couldn’t give a toss.

Personally, I’d like to see the Chief Constable of Nottingham charged with demanding money with menaces. Perhaps it’s time I replaced my ‘Prats of the Week’ award with the even-more-prestigious ‘Fuckwits of the Month’ trophy!


  1. is it possible that this constable is either related to or attended the same police academy as Stuart Gray, the doorknob who charged a young fella with not being in control of his car when he blew his nose while stopped at traffic lights? There's a charge that should be challenged in court. I'm sure there is a precedent somewhere in the world (Canada or US?).

    A wonder she wasn't charge with child abandonment or abuse, but we won't say anything in case someone hears us.

    Another case from the ministry of silly things eh?

  2. is it april 1st yet??