Friday, 19 February 2010

Foot-in-mouth disease

Should you ever find yourself in a hole then my advice is to stop digging. It’s a pity that 71-year-old Tory party grandee, Sir Nicholas Winterton, didn’t do just that following a recent foot-in-mouth episode when the politician complained bitterly that MPs were no longer allowed to travel first class on Britain’s railways at the taxpayer’s expense.

The crusty old bugger has been milking the parliamentary expenses along with is MP wife for quite a few years. Their claims include rent of £80,000 on a flat owned by their own family trust. When asked to explain why he felt entitled to travel first class for free, Sir Nicholas replied that passengers travelling by standard class were a ‘different type’ to him and that they have a different outlook on life. He added: “They may be reading a book but I doubt whether they're undertaking serious work or study, reading reports or amending reports that MPs do when they travel.”

Sir Nicholas then rammed his foot further into his elitist mouth by adding: “Very often they have a different outlook, of course they do, because they are in a different area of activity. They may be travelling just because they are on holiday or they are going to London to visit somebody  -  MPs are going to London to work.”

Poor Nicky really is terribly upset by all this unpleasantness over MPs’ expenses. “I am angry. I feel MPs are being treated extremely unfairly. I believe matters on expenses have been misrepresented,” wailed the knight. “It’s not for the public' to decide how politicians travel,” he added.

I can’t really understand why he’s making such a fuss. Sir Nicholas and his wife have been the sole passengers on their own little gravy train for a very long time.


  1. Morning ETM

    I had the misfortune to be seated next to Winterton at a formal dinner - as I was obviously "standard class" material (though he did talk to me initially as I am had scrubbed up quite well for the occasion). I was then ignored throughout dinner as he barked over my head at another "first class" type of guest.

    Just rude behaviour - my grandmother would have called him a "silly large boy".

    Happy Prawn Friday!

    Best wishes Cats' Mother

  2. What a snob. And MPs like to think they're in touch with the people. I wonder if he realised how much he could potentially damage his party's chances at the next election.

    Slightly off topic but its given me an idea for a new reality TV show. one where Mps such as Nicky have do all the work they do now for the minimum wage living in what they like to called deprived area. It could make entertaining viewing. Only then could they really say they are in touch with the people.

    Hope the legs behaving itself.

  3. Seriously, he said all that? And he's elected?!

    Sounds like Yes Minister, but more Humphrey than Hacker!

    All the best XTM, hope you're still improving every day!

  4. Whenever I reluctantly travel to London, it is for work. Or it used to be as I am 'between jobs' as they say.
    I travel cattle class and get my reading done - reports, trade magazines, send a few texts. Admittedly meetings are scheduled outside the rush hour but it IS possible to travel standard class with the plebs, who on the whole are doing the same - catching up on work.

  5. Ahhh the British class system is alive and well. Seems Sir Nick doesn't realize (or not wanting to) that because the public made him a MP that means they actually DO have a say in what train car he travels in. He should be thankful that he isn't made to drive into London and pay to drive & park the car near his work! Ignorant clod.
    My local counsellor (we still call them aldermen) took a course that cost $12,000! She claims it enhanced her knowledge. My degree cost less than that! Another gravy train rider.