Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Make your mind up

Barely more than a week ago the liberal-minded citizens of Hampstead and other leafy enclaves of progressive thinking were demanding that rubber bullets and tear gas be used to quell rioters and stop total anarchy sweeping the nation. Fast forward a week and some 3000 miscreants have been arrested and hauled up before the beak. Exemplary sentences are being handed down in order to show how serious society takes the matter of civil disorder. The courts have been sitting around the clock and magistrates have discovered that they do in fact have a backbone if the Department of Justice tells them they can impose tough sentences.

The latest hardline sentence to be handed down from the Crown Courts is a prison term of four years for two boneheaded youths who posted details of a riot they wanted to start, using Facebook. The riot which never happened thanks to the apathy of the good people of Northwich, was advertised on Facebook by the two youths with a time and a place for the mayhem being suggested. The two chaps who clearly are a little bit short changed in the intelligence department didn't even disguise their identity and so plod was able to track them down after members of the public became alarmed at a mob uprising in the commuter belt of Cheshire.

So now the two young men are starting a four-year sentence for inciting riot and already the good people of Hampstead are wringing their hands and muttering that the courts have been too harsh and that this is wholly disproportionate. The depressing thing is the inability of the liberal elite to make the connection with their softness and unwillingness to make examples of wrongdoers with the riots that broke out a week before. They seem totally unable to connect the two. It's no wonder we have so many problems when the great and the good that still largely run this country are so prone to panic and so quick to reverse their hardline views once the moment of danger has passed. No wonder our young people are confused about what behaviour is and isn't acceptable.


  1. You still don't have transportation to Botany Bay on the books do you?

    We really don't need them we breed our own idiots now. :-)

  2. Oh dear, rather woolly thinking....'by 'punish' we didn't actually mean do anything nasty to people'....reminds me of that tweet from yesterday- "Nick Clegg gets tough on rioters:- "we are considering tickling them with a fluffy pink duster"

  3. Isn't it strange how - when a punishment is handed down - society backpedals on it all because it might be too harsh. Pardon me, but didn't these people cause a riot which damaged people's business', homes and left a good part of London burning? Or have they forgotten that all too soon?

    When we here in Australia have heard somebody has been imprisoned for an extreme amount of time (like the that guy who did the Port Arthur Massacre and he was given a life sentence for every person he killed back to back), I thought: good, he'll never get out, he'll never be able to do it again.

    This is the kind of thinking we all should be taking with the people who cause riots and who have done horrific things and have been caught. I don't want to have to live with them in my society; so why act as though it's a bad thing to punish those who have broken the laws that have been set down by the government?

  4. The media should have made more of the five police dogs who were injured in the riots. Then the woolly-headed lot saying sentences were too harsh on people who had destroyed life-time work and petrified locals, would have been firmly behind the stiff sentences.