Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Get a life!

Another day… and yet another slagging-off story about the BBC’s Top Gear motoring tv programme, courtesy of The Daily Mail. Now, I know Jeremy Clarkson can be a boorish buffoon at times but he’s undeniably funny and a breath of fresh air in the stultifying tyranny of political correctness that we’re subjected to in this country. Since when did people start having their funny bones removed? Has the whole country lost its sense of humour?

The latest nonsense from the Top Gear knockers involves the latest episode of the show, which was screened on Sunday evening. Presenters James May and Jeremy Clarkson were testing electric cars and in a very informative feature explained many of the drawbacks of these ridiculously impractical milk floats. Part of the film showed the evil pair discussing their findings. But rather than parking in normal parking bays, the diabolical duo parked in spaces reserved for disabled people - causing 'a storm of protest' from disabled motoring groups who said it was 'typical' of Clarkson.

Cue the demented rantings of complete nitwits with a humour bypass castigating ‘the evil Clarkson’. According to The Daily Mail: "It was as they stepped out of their cars - with Clarkson and May even standing on top of a disabled road marking - that shocked viewers realised they had parked in disabled bays."

Now the Mail doesn’t make it clear how many of these viewers were shocked, or how much medical attention they required following such a heinous crime. I'm more likely to believe that some bone idle journalist noticed the faux pas and decided to call up some professional offence takers who would supply a suitable quote to beat Clarkson with. The Mail clearly has it in for the overgrown schoolboy.

Clearly having sucked on a very unripe lemon, Jim Rawlings, of Disabled Motoring UK, was quoted in the article saying that he was sure that Clarkson 'wouldn't have cared' about parking up in a disabled bay. He said: ‘I'm sure the last thing on Jeremy Clarkson's mind was that he was parked in a disabled bay.’

Yes, Jim… and you’d know exactly what was going on in Jezza’s head, wouldn’t you?

He went on to say: 'The abuse of non-disabled people parking in disabled bays is rife, and with people like Jeremy Clarkson and James May doing this other motorists will just think they can just park wherever they like.

'People who are patently not disabled, like Clarkson and May, obviously didn't have a passing care that a disabled person might have needed those spaces.

'I'm sure Jeremy Clarkson especially would not feel contrite about parking in a disabled bay - it shows a lack of feeling and care and a total lack of compassion.'

Peter Lyne, of the Disabled Motorists Foundation, said it was 'extremely frustrating' watching non-disabled people park in disabled parking bays.

Clearly both Peter and Jim aren’t getting out often enough in their Motability chariots; certainly not often enough to get a reasonable perspective on life.

A Top Gear spokesman said: "Top Gear does not condone the misuse of disabled parking bays. The programme had permission from the owners of the car park to use the bays for a short period of time to enable filming to take place unhindered, and members of the production team were with the cars at all times. There were other disabled spaces available, and of course had anyone needed to park in one of the spaces occupied by Top Gear, we would have moved immediately."

Technically, I am a disabled motorist (although I don’t feel the need to belong to Disabled Motoring UK or the Disabled Motorist’s Foundation in order to drive my car) and I found the Top Gear item hugely amusing and wasn't offended in the slightest. Shame on The Daily Mail for this nonsensical piece of 'journalism' and as for the disabled motorists... they haven’t got a leg to stand on!


  1. Well it shows the your lot didn't send all the crazy ones here, seem to have left you heaps of crazies and public servants the lucky ones were sent here :-)

  2. Good afternoon ETM - long time no speak! Pleased that you are back posting again (just sent off french assignment and was surfing in celebration...!) Please to hear that leg is healed though somewhat shorter - a tad boring.

    Watched said episode of Top Gear on Sunday but did not even notice the offence so was not offended but by then perhaps we had consumed more than our daily allowance of alcoholic units - ho hum!

    With best wishes from Cats' Mother and the Chelsea Gang x

  3. Yep, my first thought was, I bet the Top Gear team had hired the car park for filming purposes and it was just a coincidence where they parked. Daily Mail nonsense.

  4. Lovely to hear from you Sarah and Rosie

  5. Chris from Melbourne6 August 2011 at 17:31

    Yo XTM!
    Good to see you back.
    I have a different problem sometimes when able bodied types frown at me parking in the disabled spots.
    Apparently having a nice car precludes me from using them.
    Something along the lines of 'oi! you can't park there'~ to which the (censored) reply is something like'Well I just did.
    Now if you want to help get my wheelchair out of the boot!'

  6. I think Top Gear is the most entertaining programme on TV, Clarkson`s humour should be left to run riot, he says things as they are, if peeps get offended then don`t watch the shows.

    Good to see you posting again ETM, I thought you had given up on your avid fans..!!

    Very good to know your leg is once again a whole one.

    All the best .... Ness