Monday, 1 August 2011

Hello again

Thank you for the lovely messages asking me to post again and to give you an update on how I'm faring. Things are going pretty well on the health front. My broken leg has finally fused and is now a single piece after two years of being 'non union'... I presume I can expect it to go on strike fairly soon now that it is 'union'.

The bad news is that I've lost nearly five centimetres of my leg left which means that I now walk round in circles unless I wear my special shoes to level me up. Now the long slog back to work begins. I am hoping to make another tv programme but these things take such an unbelievably long time to commission and arrange but I'm hoping something will turn up. In the meantime I need to turn my efforts to getting back to my writing and broadcasting work. It's not the easiest sector to get back into, particularly in the depths of stagflation, but I'm hopeful.

As far as the hospital food campaign goes, I managed to collect just over 4000 signatures for my petition which was sent to the Health Secretary. Unfortunately no reply from the government even though they've had it for five months. I suppose that tells us how important nutrition is to the people who manage our health service. It's probably time for me to embarrass the Health Secretary but I thought I'd wait until he started his holidays. Doesn't do any harm to keep them on their toes once they've departed for the beach.

I'll let you know what happens.


  1. Good to see yer healed now all you have to do is grow a new leg a bit stop walking in tiny circles and make a living ... easy :-) Good luck

  2. No problem. I'll get that sorted tomorrow ;-)

  3. so glad you're back - nice pic too!!

  4. This is the first time I have wrote to you, as I had no idea you existed an till I saw the Dispatches program, about your under cover work and what you recorded from your bed side, which I must admit was very well done.

    I am writing to you to tell you how an "lack of care" got my old and dear friend very ill and died, due mainly to that he could not reach his food.

    A court case / hearing blamed the NHS Trust and one of the managers at this hospital, which I will not name, was sacked, but with a nice bonus of £150k..........nice justice for killing someone?

    My friends ageing widow received £10,000 in compensation, this is so wrong on so many levels, how on Earth can all this take place and no one do anything about it?

    Anyhow, its nice to finally be able to tell someone, hopefully more will read this.

    Thank you for letting me voices my concerns and my true story.


    It is fabulous news that you are now 'union'.
    After all, unhinged is really no fun at all!

    So please put your best foot forward and get back on the box. You have work to do!


  6. Thanks LdV... your comments are always appreciated