Sunday, 30 January 2011

Richard's lunch

Friend Richard is back in a BMI hospital for another op and here's his Sunday lunch. Not bad at all. Pass the Burgundy!


  1. I hope your friend Richard is better soon.

    That meal looks palatable, i would give it a 5 out of 10.


  2. the veggies look really good but I'm not too sure what the beige thing in the back is...looks like a skinned penis. Might be a local delicacy so I'll give it a 7/10 because of the veggies. Those carrots are looking really good (nitrates or good lighting?)


  3. Skinned penis? Well, that's private medicine for you!

  4. Just in case you haven't seen this story yet -
    Between 2005 and 2009, 700 elderly people died from dehydration in UK care homes, 157 died of malnutrition.
    I'm 63 so the future looks potentially bleak.


  5. i recognize the ever present peas and carrots , but teh rest remains a mystery . i just spent a week in a hospital here in south georgia and i have to say , not only did i recognize everything they put in front of me , but it was all damn tasty as well .even for a diabetic diet . you poor sods you.

  6. Loved the show u did and just have to tell you about my only hospital experience I've had since in the UK.
    But beware of my spelling and grammar as English isnt my first language... :)

    I work in care with people who have cerebral palsy and are wheelchair users and one disabled gentleman I used to support went into hospital for 1 night. I went there to visit him and also to help him make his way home again.
    I came in sometime after lunch and firstly I found a tray with food just left on a table for him with a glass of water. All was un-touched and it had gone all cold.
    No staff was around.
    What they didnt realise (prob because they didnt read his notes, or didnt bother) was that he was unable to feed himself, and let alone grip the glass to have a drink. I helped him to some water and he immediatly downed 3 glasses. The food he didnt want (dont blame him, it looked bad) so fed him choc and later got him a take-away.
    The nurses came in to dress him(he was still in a nighty). They didnt say anything to him or check with him that this was OK and instead just started pulling his nighty off! (not doing blinds first or cover him up or anything to perserve his dignity)
    I stopped them immediatly and asked him if he was OK with this. He said no, asked him if he would prefer me to do it, he said yes. After changing a few sentenses with the nurses they left angrily and he looked really relieved.
    As i changed his pad I noticed he had done a bowelmovement and it had gone all hard and dry. He must have been laying in it for a long time!
    Even though his stay only was for ONE night he was quite traumatized by all the neglect. He had been left alone the whole time just staring at the ceiling. No-one had helped him to drinks or even offered to turn the tv on for him..
    Felt so sorry for him. I got him outta there as quick as I could. Thankfully he never had to go back but instead passed away at home.

    What still breaks my heart today is when he saw me come in, he broke down into tears and wouldnt stop crying.. It took a lot of reassuring, comfort and nice words to calm him down and get him back to his cheerful mischievious self again!