Monday, 24 January 2011

Pooling resources

Times are hard for all of us but perhaps none more so than our local councils. In the past they may have been profligate, wasteful and careless but a swingeing budget cut of 20% is a wonderful way to concentrate the mind of even the most highly paid chief executive.

In an effort to save money, Redditch Borough Council in the West Midlands is the first local council to use gasses from a crematorium to heat water for the local swimming pool. The heat given off by the crematorium’s incinerators can reach a scorching 800 degrees C, and at the moment the heat just goes up into the ether, warming up the atmosphere and doing no one any good.

One or two squeamish residents don’t really like the idea all that much but it sounds eminently sensible to me. Smart thinking like this is essential if we’re to maintain enough cash in the coffers to keep those five-a-day coordinators in work.


  1. Excellent idea i think, the dead are dead, gone, shuffled the mortal coil, here no more, etc, why waste good heat in the atmosphere when it can be made to good use.

    Reminds me of a story i was told... Friend of mine attended a crematorium funeral, in the will the deceased bloke wanted 2 musical tracks played at the service, first track went ok, as the coffin was going in the fire the second track was from a 60`s tape.

    Everyone was placed by the coffing making it`s final destination, and the track was played as the coffin entered, to everyone`s horror it was the wrong track, and the song " Get the fire brigade " was booming out.

    Worked out well though as the deceased persons parents just burst out laughing , saying he would have loved to witness that.


    P.S. How is the leg doing XTM ?

  2. Leg is misbehaving, Ness. Much pain this evening.

  3. Sorry to hear you are in pain mate, are you getting physio or something and are you using pain killers, ?

    You have suffered enough now , surely something can be done for you , have you asked to see an NHS specialist ?

    We pay about 50 euro`s here for a specialist privately, then they arrange everything if you need to get something done, they are as advanced as USA here (Crete)with state of the art things, and no messing about.

    Admittedly , you have to pay for medication and treatment here, but they are thoughrough, efficient and test you on everything , the Uk hospitals could take lessons from these people.

    Hope you are out of pain soon, please consider seeing a master Reike healer, registered and certified one, they are good.