Monday, 24 January 2011

Channel 4

If you've arrived here from the Channel 4 Dispatches website and want to read some of the posts made from my time in traction then click here


  1. Hi, Mark. Enjoyed the interview on the Dispatches site. When is the show being transmitted?

  2. Hi Andy... I hope it will be on Feb 7 but just waiting for confirmation. It's up to the nice people at Channel 4. There'll be plenty of warning and trailers in the run up.

  3. XTM exposed: The video isn't working for me but I took the guess the *gag* quiz. If I hadn't been visiting this blog for however long I wouldn't have been able to guess a few of them. The turkey sausage actually made me gag! and I don't gag easily. I would've gone with the syrup sponge although it looks like a pathology specimen!
    You look sooo innocent and mild mannered--what a good cover!
    I love that the media has picked this up (even though I don't really know Ch.4's rep or broadcasting range)

    Good to see you/this

  4. Can't wait to see it. The photos must take you back - although not in a good way. I must admit I'm just getting over gastric flu and the photos made me feel rather sick again. Bet you're glad you're not in hospital any more, as are we all.

    Good luck.

  5. I spent 4 months back in 2008 in hospital in Harrow after loosing my bowel due to tumors.
    Eatting at the time wasn't as important,as I was fed via a port in my chest on TPN/Parentral Nutrition.(Feeding via a drip)
    I then spent 3-4 months in Addenbrookes,Cambridge after a Small Bowel Transplant and that's when eating was very important! There were more post transplant patients at the time,some who hadn't eaten in years due to being on TPN.Constantly being told to eat the slob that had no flavour,or nutritionanal value,small portion and looked like they'd been digested twice before!Being a chef before 2008 I was horrified to see the way the food was reheated and served,thinking "this isn't right or allowed by a Enviromental Health Officer!
    I know 1 patient who spent over a year stuck in a side room having to eat this SH1T!no wonder he never got better!
    I and some other patients were lucky to have realatives who would bring food in for us,my parents used to drive a 200 mile round trip just so I had something that resembled food.
    In St Mark's in Harrow there's at least a dinning room with fridges and coffee making fecilaties on oone of the wards, so patients had a chance to eat what and when they want to eat.
    I volunteered to cook for the transplant patients on the ward at Addenbrookes but not allowed. I also asked why patients that are physicaly and mentaly able to use a microwave safely,are not allowed to use the kitchen? was told "because of Health and Saftey"
    On 1 hand they want patients to eat(the alternative is Gastric Nasal feeding,a tube going down your nose and into the stomach,VERY painful and uncomfrotable,speaking from expierience) in order to get better and out of hospital,but on the other they don't give them the ability to cook they're own food and eat when and also as much as they like!!!!
    Not only does the NHS pay far too much to private catering company who use 2nd class produce and cheap untrained labour,cooking without and care or attention to flavour.But they also make it very difficult for patients to seek alternatives to the "food" they offer bedside.
    At Addenbrookes,even if patients make it to the canteen they have a choice of the same food as on the ward,just pay for them too! or Burger King,jacket potatos,baguette,pizza(the last three last three open at 12 and close just after 2!),or Costa Coffee,so to round it up,after 2pm you have bad "food" or Junk Food!.....Burger King in a hospital! not exactly promoting 'healthy eating'.
    Thank You for brining it to light and don't stop fighting for us!!