Tuesday, 7 December 2010

More Aussie grub

Yet another appetising snap from Daniel. It's a piece of fish with cubed pumpkin, murdered broccoli and some unnaturally white mashed potato. I will say one thing for Australian hospital food, they do at least try to give you whole pieces of meat or fish. Frankly, I'm not sure what I would have done with a whole piece of protein as most of my meals were mashed, hashed, sliced, diced or otherwise beaten to a pulp in order to accommodate patients without the benefit of their own teeth. That said, I'm still not sure that this plate of sustenance would do anything to raise my mood while lying in my sick bed.


  1. I do not profess to be a cook but surely a lightly steamed fillet with al dente veg (ie mange tout and carrots) and a nice sauce would have been much more appetising (and healthy). That plateful looked so dry (except perhaps the broccoli which was probably slimey). It would have cost the same and might actually have helped a patient recover.
    PS: are you sure it wasnt ice cream on that plate?

  2. I thought that 'mashed potato' looked more like cottage cheese!