Friday, 5 November 2010

Posh nosh

My friend Richard has just uploaded these photos on his slinky iPhone. He is being treated privately and this is the sort of grub on offer. I have advised him to go for the slow roasted shoulder of lamb and a decent half bottle of red from the hospital's wine list (yes... they really do have a wine list!).

Oh how I wish I could have gone private.

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  1. One of my tutors told me the following during a tutorial on managing patients with heavy alcohol use who are likely to go into alcohol withdrawal post-surgery.

    If you're working in the public hospital: start them on an Alcohol Withdrawal Scale observations chart and prescribe diazepam to be administered if withdrawal signs manifest.

    If you're working in the private hospital: order your patient a glass of wine with their meal.

    (I'm not making this up!)