Saturday, 6 November 2010

It gets better

This stuff almost looks good enough to go back into hospital for. Apparently Richard is having scampi tonight. Any more food like this and he'll be leaving hospital on a mobility scooter.


  1. oh my that looks so good--enough to eat even! Is Richard in the UK? If so you got ripped off or just their leftovers from the year before.

    Glad you're more active here. Missed you.


  2. Richard is in a private hospital in my home city. Mind you, he's been paying private insurance for years so we mustn't hold it against him. He's paid for that meal many times over :-)

  3. 'tis true...a very expensive meal eh!

    in Canada, well, Alberta at least, there were suggestions by our provincial government to allow private basic medical insurance to reduce wait times for specialists and procedures. That went down in a ball of flames. That just means there'll be queue jumping and it won't reduce wait times because the problem is we don't have enough physicians practicing in Alberta. Actually, Canada is short physicians and technicians to run the diagnostic imaging machines. In Alberta we're short about 2,000 family physicians. So many people & families haven't a primary care physician so they have to use walk-in clinics, hospital emergency rooms and urgent care centres for issues that should be treated by family doctors. (well, walk-in clinics are family doctors, the problem is that there isn't continuity of care and sometimes the care itself is assembly line medicine).