Saturday, 9 October 2010


Hello everyone...

Just returned from my first holiday in two years. It was challenging getting through airport security and thank goodness for wheelchairs, but we managed it and spent two very lazy weeks doing very little. I'll try to write a bit more later but here's a photo that gives a flavour of my rural destination.


  1. Glad you had a good holiday!!

    You would have had fun free-wheeling down that road in your wheelchair - but did your good lady push your wheelchair up it?

    Or did you crawl?


  2. That is my wife in the picture! I crawled as I'd had too much vinho verde

  3. Welcome back, I bet your better half was tempted to 'assist' you down this slope after reading the above :-)


  4. Pleased that you had a good holiday TM - you came back just in time as the weather now in Portugal is dreadful (high winds and torrential rain).

    Do you really like Vinho Verde? I find this the most horrible wine I have ever tasted - a good Alentejo "branco" (such as Monte Velho) is much, much better.

  5. Our last week was wet and windy. I do like vinho verde made from alverinho grapes. I like Daõ, Douro and Alentejo too. Portugal produces some great wines; however, the food is a matter for another post.

  6. You're lucky you didn't come to Australia, They make you get out of the wheelchair and crawl along the ground if you don't comply. And sometimes if you do.

  7. Good to see you back blogging and glad you had a good hol!

  8. Good to see you are back to blogging and glad you had a good holiday, but I thought you forgot us all... your faithfull

  9. So good to see you back blogging; and to see you have had time away to chill out. Look forward to the photos of where you went to. :D

  10. Colin...that's why he was crawling...the wine!

    TM great to see that your sense of humour is still there...until the good TMlady sees the photo of her you posted then she may do some 'altering' of you herself!

    hmmm good weather or bad, as long as you aren't home it is great weather.

    Libby (Canadian Thanksgiving...)