Monday, 28 February 2011

Jurassic thinking

The idea that, one day, dinosaurs might roam the earth again is no longer fiction. Step forward Bob Crow, leader of the RMT trade union. Mr Crow has suggested that we can deal with the UK’s budget deficit by putting a 1p tax on every email sent in the UK. That way we can avoid making any pubic sector workers redundant, including no doubt our highly efficient and very courteous railway workers.

The man’s a genius - an absolute bloody genius! That crafty little plan is going to be just the ticket for promoting inward investment and increasing business communication. It’s amazing how Mr Crow hasn’t managed to become prime minister. Why the hell didn’t anyone else think of that idea? It makes you realise that he’s really worth the £95,000 a year he’s paid, up a mere 12% on last year.

In other news, drivers could soon be required to employ a man in with a red flag to walk in front of their cars in a bid to cut road accidents.


  1. Is this man on the same planet as the rest of us? No, of course he is not!

  2. I'd like to see how it would be implemented. But more importantly, why didn't WE think of that? We could've been rich, or ostracized.

  3. I've just watched the dispatches episode about your blog. I am currently working as a care assistant at a Bupa Nursing Home. I am absolutely disgusted at the comment from a hospital about only using spoons for dessert. I feed elderly and/or very ill patients every shift and we are not allowed to use anything other than a teaspoon to do this. I find it absolutely disgraceful that patients are being left with food that is out of reach and do not see the point of serving a balanced meal if it’s not being/can't be eaten! Thank you so much for making the voice of the patients heard; I'm very interested to see how things change. I hope you have made a good recovery (despite the horrible food).

  4. Superman III got there first! In that, there's a guy who subtracted 1 cent off everyone's payslips and made himself a fortune. I think this is not a half bad idea but I don't know how you'd implement it..

  5. JULIE, you and Superman3 just skipped the irony thing hun. Bob Crow is out of his mind, not even border line genius crazy!
    That red flag your talking...

    LdV Essex