Monday, 22 March 2010

Filthy lucre

Having experienced the health service at close quarters for some considerable time, I have often wondered about the sanity and ethics of the politicians who preside over this envy of the world. We pay our politicians a handsome salary and, until recently, we’ve showered them with expenses, privilege and gold-plated pensions. You might expect that in return they would offer us honesty, hard work and integrity.

As is so often the case, reality offers a different picture. The news that four Labour MPs have been caught in a sting operation where they boasted at being able to influence government decisions and policy in return for cash.

Is it me or does the image of MP Stephen Byers demanding daily fees of £3000 - £5000 bring on a feeling of nausea? What sort of socialist is this man? Clement Atlee must be spinning in his grave to know that such vermin are sucking on the public teat.

It’s often said that Tories go for sex while Labour opt for money when it comes to scandals. Either way, they’re all crooked and have far too much time on their hands. What is it that stops us having decent representatives or do we get the politicians we deserve?


  1. A feeling of nausea is an understatement as far as I am concerned, but vermin is exactly right for these lowlife.

    I guess it's the difference between a career in politics and a vocation, or at least the desire to make a difference. Let's hope there are some politicians left who see it as a vocation. I don't mind funding the salaries and pared-down expense claims of those who genuinely want to improve life in the UK.

    On a different note, you probably saw this article about Raymond Blanc saying hospital food wasn't too bad....?

    Greetings from Berkshire on this windy MOnday morning.


  2. Thanks for the link, Cora. I have first-hand experience of the John Radcliffe food. The private menu comes from a totally different kitchen and provider from the factory muck that the public gets fed. I had a few of the private meals and they were very good. Poor Raymond. He actually thinks what he was eating is what everyone else was eating. Bless...

  3. Aye Raymond is pretty naive to think that he gets the same food as the great unwashed.

    What's the deal with the private menu? Do you have to pay extra for the privilege?

  4. Yes you do have to pay extra. However, as I was so sick and in hospital so long they tried to tempt me with a bit of private patients' food. It was a big improvement.

  5. Send M. Blanc's team a link to your blog XTM. Let him see for himself the foul slop you endured during your prolonged confinement. If he is going to comment on hospital food he should know the full horror. THEN he should give it marks out of 10.

    Hope you are well.