Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hospital breakfast American style

Looks fairly healthy and well presented


  1. Sarah - London5 May 2011 at 18:48

    Afternoon ETM - long time no speak - was about to report you for "Sleeping on Tour" !!! What's the story - you ended up in the USA eating mystery food or is that from a friend???

    I await your response - it's either that or I have to do my french homework!!!

    Best wishes from Cats' Mother - hope all is well.

  2. I've been very bad, Sarah. Taking a long break and working on new projects. Not much more I can do with hospital food at the moment as the petition I started is now with the Secretary of State... although he's had it two months and has yet to acknowledge receipt. Lots of other issues to tackle but I will try to report progress here. In the meantime I have to think about earning a living ;-) Now... about that French homework!

  3. YES that's more like it. Very nourishing and healthy. Uncle Sam to the rescue!

  4. Yummo! Looks very inviting... I could eat that now... at 11:30pm here... :P

    Well, okay, except the strawberry piece and orange slices as I'm grossly allergic to both fruits... otherwise, yummo!

  5. Hmmm,

    Rather worried about the urine sample on back right of the tray!!!

  6. RE:COLIN.....don't drink it then!!!


  7. And for the Americans who can't afford adequate healthcare?

  8. Sorry - A Nanny state article from Australia

    War on child obesity could put chocolate out of bounds
    Amy Corderoy, Daniella Miletic
    May 9, 2011

    CHOCOLATE fund-raising drives in schools would be banned along with junk food advertising during popular shows such as Junior MasterChef under a plan to tackle childhood obesity.

    The national blueprint to regulate advertising of junk food to children will be released today.

    The blueprint is endorsed by almost all of Australia's leading health bodies including Cancer Council Australia, Diabetes Australia, the National Heart Foundation and the Australian Medical Association.
    Advertisement: Story continues below

    It calls for unhealthy food advertising to be banned on free-to-air television from 6am to 9am and 4pm to 9pm on week days and from 6am to midday and 4pm to 9pm at weekends, as well as during similar times on pay TV channels and websites catering for children.

    Marketing to children through email, text messages, movies, magazines, school fund-raising drives, sporting games, billboards and public transport advertising would also be banned.

    The blueprint, which was developed by the Obesity Policy Coalition, will be released with research conducted by Cancer Council Victoria which found most Australians believed that junk food advertising to children should be restricted.

    A telephone survey of 1521 adults found 84 per cent answered ''yes'' to the question ''Do you believe children should be protected from unhealthy food advertising?''

    A ban on advertising of unhealthy foods at times children watch television was supported by 83 per cent.

    Jane Martin, a senior policy adviser for the Obesity Coalition, said junk food advertisements had been screened during the three top-rating shows for children aged five to 12 - Junior MasterChef, Modern Family and The Simpsons.

    ''It just makes me think that advertisers and marketers know exactly what they are doing; they know how and when to reach [children] in large numbers,'' Ms Martin said.

    The policy also aimed to prevent subtle marketing such as children's competitions.

    But the chief executive of the Australian Food and Grocery Council, Kate Carnell, said bans on the advertising of junk food to children in Sweden and in Quebec, Canada, had been ineffective. ''It has made absolutely no difference to obesity levels in children,'' she said.

    The food council's members have put in place a voluntary ban on advertising during television programs watched primarily by children, but not family shows such as Junior MasterChef.

    ''When families are watching together then they can make a decision on how often those foods should be part of a diet,'' Ms Carnell said.

    Boyd Swinburn, the director of the World Health Organisation's collaborating centre for obesity prevention at Deakin University, said industry self-regulation had done ''virtually nothing'' and junk-food companies had run multimillion-dollar campaigns to ''undermine the healthy eating campaigns from NGOs and health promotion organisations''.

    Professor Swinburn said a copy of the blueprint had been given to the federal Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, but he believed the junk-food industry had proved a powerful lobby group so far.

    He dismissed criticisms that the measures could be seen as ''nanny-statism''

    Read more:

  9. speaking as someone with experiance in hospital care in america with and without health benefits , i was very well taken care of , i live in a small town in georgia and the hospital food when i went in earlier this year was actually better then i have had at some restaurants , and the nurses were very helpful at meal times making sure everyone who needed help eating , had help.and they were very busy on my floor . the same care was given to everyone whether they had health insurance or not . the tray shown above is an adequate example of food i have experianced in the hospitals i have been in in florida .i wish i had taken a camera in with me when i went in last time , but i definetly will next to send in here , but when i first started reading this blog , i actually went to the prison system photos of meals served in various areas of america and was shocked to see that even our prisoners were getting better food then most people do in hospitals in other countrys , in some places such as india , if you dont have a family member to bring in food for you , you only get one meal a day , and lord help you if you need a special diet .i have sent traction mans pics to a fellow in dominican republic and he was astounded , he said he would have been happy to have had what traction did .so its a big problem everywhere just thankfully , not where i am at .

  10. Great to know you're still alert and kicking.

    Bummer about the "earning a living"...sure gets in the way of life doesn't it? Unless of course you make money doing something you love to do.

    Don't let looks deceive you, the brown stuff in the bowl could be ghastly tasting. The urine sample is usually apple juice...if you leave your bed give it a sniff before trying it. The apple juice is usually very good. For apple juice :o)

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