Thursday, 1 July 2010

Latest x-ray

I wonder how much I'm worth for scrap. Still, this ought to help keep me in one piece.


  1. Dear Lord :O

    And I thought the coathanger wire holding my knee together was impressive.

    If you travel thru metal detectors anywhere carry a letter from your Doc or an old Xray LOL


  2. and never go into an MRI scanner!!! Nice bit of titanium. Glad to hear you are prgressing well, and that you have maintained your fighting spirit and sense of humour xx

  3. It's stainless steel. I couldn't afford to go private.

  4. Does look a bit like a weapon though !! no doubt some jobs worth will question your right of passage in case you rip your leg off and turn nasty !!!

    Pretty impressive and Stainless Steel be proud hope its from Sheffield :)

  5. Impressive metalwork! Big question - Is it working?? I do hope so.

    Take care

  6. I've only had it in six weeks. I think we're looking at a year before that bone is healed. My surgeon said that "we are going to win this one" so I think that's a good sign. I have good feelings about this.

  7. Chris in Melbourne2 July 2010 at 17:24

    Hi XTM!
    Thrilled that you are feeling so positive about the rehab process. Thats a pretty magic pic.
    It always amazes me how vividly these sort of things show up on a x ray or scan. If I have a abdominal or chest one done, the clips that were left in after an operation show up, lurking around inside. In fact I have had to have MRI's done since that op, but the clips had been in there long enough not to cause any damage being affected by the 'pull' of the magnetic gizmo.
    There are enough of them in there to raise a query as the alarm sounds at the airport sometimes-even for the domestic flights I have to wheel through the security checkcanner- they argue among themselves-is it the chair or is it him.
    Being the wee small hours as I tap this Wimbledon is on the telly, so watching that wee Scotch bloke and Nadal. The weather looks quite welcoming, raises the spirits no doubt.

    Best wishes from
    Chris and Co

  8. Positive thoughts XTM.

    Scan reminds me ..... I need to buy a new pasta ladle..!!

  9. Sheesh! And 'sheesh' again!

    Chin up, Traction Man (and knee up, thigh up, hip-flexor up etc.) Sheesh. That's one helluva "mendit". Let's just hope you're not allergic to stainless steel.

    Best wishes to you.

    Gloria S.

  10. A few bits of 4"x2", some super glue and gaffa tape and I'll have you sorted!!
    Keep well.