Monday, 28 June 2010

Sweet Jesus!

NHS Chiefs in North Wales have decided to ban sugar from vending machines that dispense hot drinks in hospitals. The miserable, shrivelled and humourless idiots that run healthcare in that benighted part of Britain think sugar has no nutritional value so they, egged on by the ridiculous Welsh Assembly, have decided that all their subjects must be prevented from exercising the personal choice and freedom to sweeten tea or coffee.

Experts claim that sugar is a 'risk to health', although probably nothing like as risky as a stay in an NHS hospital. Welsh Assembly documents circulated to NHS hospitals in Wales also recommend that water, juice, seeds and dried fruit be placed in vending machines as healthy alternative snacks. That's bound to cut the takings of vending machines dramatically which in turn can only lead to an increase in parking charges in order to recoup lost income. Of course, sugar in tea has little nutritional value but that's not why most people use it... they put it in their tea because they like the taste. Incidentally, the advice also recommends that Cheddar cheese sandwiches are also banned as they contain too much fat. That's vegetarians stuffed, then.

As a nation we really do have to begin asking ourselves how these brain-dead gastropods and incompetent fuckwits manage to worm their way into highly paid and responsible positions within the public sector. How can these fools possibly imagine that their pathetic attempts to micro-manage people's lives is going to go down well with anyone but themselves and their pathetically timid political masters? It's time we stopped being in thrall to these idiots. The Soviet Union had ways of dealing with people like this: gulags. Isn't it time we introduced the concept here? Or, at the very least, village stocks.


  1. I imagine they're all fully paid up members of some political party, that's how these things have been organised in Blair-Brown's Britain, haven't they?

    These are of course the same people who smashed all our mediaeval stained glass and most of our mediaeval statuary and church furnishings - and they banned Christmas. Some of them even dare(d) to call themselves Christian.

    They also think it's a good idea to punish people for being ill, which is why hospital and school food is so ghastly, as described in Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist.

    All that angst about a lump of sugar, but it makes me MAD. I must go and lie down and take a pill (not sugar free).

    Hope you're feeling better.

  2. I live in north Wales, and when ever I need the hospital I go over the border to England. It wouldn't surprise me if more people started doing the same. Thought you could always take your own.

  3. These so called experts are really boring and predictable now, and I bet half the nutritional stuff they will be putting in the vending machines, will contain more salt and sugar and preservatives than the consumer normally digests.

    I will never use the vending machines if they do fill them with so called healthy food, my digestive system will not be able to handle them.

    Any fruit other than oranges and I suffer the runs for at least two days.

    Any seeds and the same thing occurs, so not everybody can eat healthy fruit and seeds.

    As for carton juices, most contain vast amounts of sweetners and only 20 % of real juice, the rest is preservatives and colourants.

    It is time we all took a stand on these idiot experts, and told them where to stuff their advice and idiotic ideas, I for one will not be dictated to , we are all born of free will and now that is taken away from us.


  4. Yeah! Put 'em in the stocks and pelt them with NHS food. Or excrement, whichever seems worse...

  5. How would you tell the difference, Ian?

  6. Ah its so good to be British....well it is as long as you dont go anywhere near hospitals... and here in north Wales my local hospital ysbyty Recsam maelor has already banned sugar and cheese sarnies...but get this... they recommend you use "NUTRASWEET"... yes the sugar free sweetener with added aspartame...the contravercial cancer causing additive banned in most countries...fact is its in just about every drink available at the hospital...apart from one...Water.... yes fetch back the stocks for morons like this to be pelted with hospital no mercy... and it should be televised as well just so we can all have a bloody good laugh.

  7. someone has already commented about Aspartame so I won't! But I agree entirely.
    Dried fruit contains MORE sugar than most people put in their tea and because it is chewy it sticks to the teeth more so causes more dental problems!
    What about diabetics who NEED sugar to live? If a diabetic becomes hypo in a hospital and can't get a drink with sugar in it then I would LOVE to write the headlines on that story. It is bad enough that a diabetic child can't get hold of even a biscuit in a school if they need it!

    The health service needs to stop trying to be 'big brother' and accept that some people know the risks but choose to do something anyway!


  8. I don't have sugar in my tea or coffee, but during the many months I spent in hospital, I occasionally took sugar in my hot drinks, often as a way of disguising the dreadful taste while still taking in fluids other than water. At other times it gave me energy to get out of bed and try to walk a few steps. Why do the hatchet-faced puritans who manage public health insist on bullying us and trying to treat us as though we are school children? And why don't the politicians have the balls to stand up to this hectoring nonsense?

  9. gee, they should ban the tea and coffee while they're at it!

    These people really do need to find something constructive to do, they're decisions are mind boggling.

    I wonder what is happening over here that ISN'T making news. I certainly hope that if decisions such as I've heard for the past 9ish months I've been frequenting here are also being done here, just without fanfare. It just happens and isn't considered newsworthy.

    Libby (Canada) [off to pick up pizza...don't sic your Health Nazis onto me!]

  10. Sometimes I feel like maybe George Orwell was only off about the year when he wrote 1984.

  11. Of course the managers that run our hospitals mean well but may have used an unfortunate role model. For ‘hotel’ read ‘hospital’…

    Basil Fawlty: [Haranging his guests] This is typical. Absolutely typical... of the kind of... [shouting] ARSE I have to put up with from you people. You ponce in here expecting to be waited on hand and foot, while I'm trying to run a hotel here. Have you any idea of how much there is to do? Do you ever think of that? Of course not, you're all too busy sticking your noses into every corner, poking around for things to complain about, aren't you?

  12. I work for a Health department in Australia. The Dept issued a Healthy Food policy that must be adhered to in all official events, on the premises etc. Vending machines have had anything remotely interesting removed (only diet soft drinks and water remain). I think some vending machines may have dark chocolate and muesli bars. We had an determined business manager who would remind staff of the healthy food policy if we were having a morning tea for someone and we would all be told to bring fruit, nuts, low fat cheese etc to share. I would take up a collection for tasty glazed and filled donuts. Mmmmm, donuts. . .

  13. I wanted to buy an elderly stroke victim relative some fruit squash in the hospital WVS shop, to find that only the 'no added sugar' varieties were sold. When I questioned this, I was told that this was hospital policy. I refrained from pointing out that as the relative already had a continence problem and getting her to the loo involved more nursing staff than they employed in a week, the last thing she needed was a diet drink that would rush right through her.
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